The Sorcery Code ( Book Review ) by Dima Zales

The Sorcery Code (The Sorcery Code: Volume 1) by Dima Zales  (Author) A book about magic. -The sorcery code is a book about magic. I’m not a big fan but decided to review it anyways.  If you like stories about sorcery than this book is for you! Although There is a lot of better potential for theContinue reading “The Sorcery Code ( Book Review ) by Dima Zales”

Life often throws things at us

A 365 Days Challenge Day #13 The presence of God A small child was walking through a busy supermarket with her mother. All around her were bright colors and interesting shapes, sounds and smells, a whole world to explore. As her other pondered a purchase, this child was attracted by a balloon display in theContinue reading “Life often throws things at us”

I know You will never leave me nor forsake me.

A 365 Days Challenge Day #12 Affirm The Truth  One powerful way to pray is to speak out those things you know to be true. ” God, I know You are here. I know You are smarter than I am, stronger than I am, wiser than I am. My problems don’t stump You at all.Continue reading “I know You will never leave me nor forsake me.”

There is a time and a place

A 365 Days Challenge Day #11 Pray Aloud There is a time and a place for silent prayer ___ in a library, on a bus, in school, and in many other settings where talking out loud to God might not be appropriate. But praying aloud should be part of your daily routine if at allContinue reading “There is a time and a place”

Taste and see…

A 365 Days Challenge Day #10 Blind faith has never been a requirement for following God. The so-called  leap of faith is really only a small hop, like stepping across a little mud puddle, not a suicide jump across a canyon of impossibility. God allows us to verify his existence by looking into the heavensContinue reading “Taste and see…”

Walk Away With me

A 365 Days Challenge Day #9 Good and Great  Great are the works of the Lord, studied by all who delight in them.  Psalm 111:2 NRSV Little children sometimes learn the dinner prayer, ” God is great. God is good. Let us thank Him for our food.” This simple prayer contains profound truth. God isContinue reading “Walk Away With me”