It’s been too long

I haven’t updated my page in almost a year wow

so much has happened in my life ….

I’ll share a few photos for you all to see how we are doing 🙂

1 week that #iadopted

Today marks 1 week that our lives has changed forever. 🐶

Kal is adjusting well. He had a little hard time in the beginning eating and leaving his bed. but now he just wants to eat. And I mean E. A. T. 😂

This little guy eats everything he sees in front of him. (Grass. Leaves. Furniture. Etc.)

He loves sleeping. My couch is his favorite spot.

He’s quiet. Doesn’t bark too much.

Has started sneezing a little. (winter in NE no surprise there)

He sits every time he sees a treat. (Without anyone even asking lol)

Some days he goes up to the door when he needs to go outside.

So far we had only 2 accidents in the house.

We see the Vet in 11/29

Over all a good boy and we love him so so much.

The process on adopting a #rescued dog …


The process on adopting a rescued dog …

We started looking for a dog to adopt probably the beginning of October 2019 

We got rejected by the 1st shelter, we looked because we don’t currently have a pet … 

I was sad, frustrated and almost to the point of giving up.  But I decided to move on and fight for a puppy we could love and care for. 

I got a to of offers to buy and I did consider it. But I thought to myself those puppies need a home and we can save them and give them just that a loving home. 

So why adopt and not buy? 

Not only are you giving more animals a second chance, but the cost of your adoption goes directly towards helping those shelters better care for the animals they take in!

I filled out around 6-10 applications yes, that was a lot but I insisted.
Some of the places NEVER even got back to me to approve or deny my application.
Some got back to let me know the dog we had selected was no longer available. When I asked if there was any other dogs I never heard back from them. 


I found this site called Great Dog Rescue New England (GDRNE) I looked at all the pets they had available and was so in love. I decided to fill out yet another application and hope for the best. 

I filled out my application on October 19th, 2019. On October 20th less than 24 hours they got back to me saying “ Thank You for the application “ I was so exited and happy I couldn’t wait to move forward. 

I shortly got an e-mail from J* ( Very nice lady that has been helping me since ) 

J* advised that the dog I had selected was no longer available she on the same e-mail sent me a photo of the brother that was still available. 


In a flash I sent the photo to all family members and we all fell in love with him. 

I told Jennifer we would adopt the dog. 

Today is October 25th, 2019 I already spoke to Jennifer many times via e-mail text and phone call. 

She referred me to the shelter parents (An Amazing lady) and we FaceTimed and I got to see our Baby. She sent me photos and videos. She has answered all the question I had.   We continued to communicate till the day Kal came home. We now have a home visit pending and we get to have the baby home on November 09, 2019 

We were so happy and amazed.. 

I will recommend to anyone looking to adopt to Look at GDRNE they are amazing.

Our Paw baby name is Kal    🐾  He is a rescued dog so no one knows for sure his breed or age. But he looks like a Beago so that’s what we’re gonna say he is lol. 

He is approximately 7 weeks old, so His Birthday is September 06, 2019 

I guarantee Kal will have a loving family and he will be loved and spoiled by all. 

A Little about a Beago …….

The Beago is a mix of two very popular dogs, the Golden Retriever and the Beagle. They are two very well-known dogs that are loved by everyone.

Because of this, the Beago is a popular hybrid dog breed that may be the perfect dog for you.

These pups were made to be a part of the family with how easy-going they are and their ability to get along with anyone and anything.

If you want a sweetheart that will be happy to see you every day and someone to play with all the time, the Beago is the right dog for you.

Follow Kal on Instagram and Find Out what he’s up to on his day to day 

Thanks For Reading 🙂

Adopt Don’t Shop  🐾

When Life Gives you lemon 🍋

There are definitely times when bad things happen so Good things can come your way.
I’m a true believer of ” Everything happens for a reason. ” either it’s a good or bad one.
Last year I was living a life that I would come home every day shower and sleep. To wake up in the morning and do the same thing over and over.

I liked what I was doing. Just not how it was happening. Working over 48 hrs a week I started getting sick again. And ended up having a lot of doctors appointment etc.

as I was getting all these appointments I was no longer able to put all my effort into my job.
One of the days I had to call out because of being sick. I got asked by my Manager to find another job.

I couldn’t agree more with him that I needed something else.

Me and Chris always had this dream of working a Monday – Friday. 9-5pm paid holidays. And able to take time off.

The job I had obviously wasn’t allowing me to do so. And not to remind you it made me sick all over again due to stress and long hour days.

I decided to post my resume online. Hoping and praying for the best.

I decided to give my two weeks at my current job.

I remember feeling sad, annoyed and stressed.
I do have a lot of bills to pay. So I was very worried I wouldn’t find anything.

I sent out a few applications that day.
To my surprise, I received a phone call that morning ( when I had just given my 2 weeks ).
It was this amazing lady ( very friendly) looking for an office manager. I set the appointment for an interview.

I left that company that day in tears. I couldn’t believe what just happened.

I was so amazed. And happy I could of left there jumping up and down in joy.

I got offered a job as an office manager.
Working Monday – Friday 9-5pm. Getting paid holidays. Time off as I need it. With an amazing family. That knows how to be a boss and actually care for their employees.

True I don’t know them yet. But I have a feeling this is gonna be a lifetime relationship.
I thank God daily for this opportunity a dream that came true without me even deserving it.
Ok I might deserve it 😂, but you all know what I mean? I didn’t expect it to work so fast.
I’m sitting at my desk this afternoon and all I can think about is how grateful I am. 🙂

Isaque has started a new job and it’s a great opportunity for him.

Joshua will start a new job Monday.

Gabe is doinggreat at his job.

Chris also got offered a job and opportunity that made him very happy. Now we have time to work and enjoy our lives.Couldn’t ask for more.

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Elly & Chris Filho

Happy 21st. Birthday

Wishing my son Joshua a happy 21st

Love you

Seeking God in worship


God is mysterious, eternal, immortal, invisible, the only God. Our lives, however, can become mundane, tedious, and cold.

Worship. We all do it. Every day our affection, adoration, devotion, honor and reverence are given to something or someone. Who or what do you worship? All too often my devotion lies with the things of this world. But when we see God for who He really is, worship is true and spontaneous.

One night our family attended a professional basketball game. As the players ran onto the court with fireworks going off (yes, inside the building!) my kids were completely mesmerized. The high-tech, full-surround arena video screens shouted out to the spectators, “Everybody Make Some Noise!”

The whole place was electric with screams, whistles, and any other available form of noise-making. The excitement over the home team just making one basket was unbelievable. As I looked around, I saw this guy wearing an obnoxiously large team hat and a small group of young men in appropriately-colored face paint. Whether the basketball team was doing well or not, the fans were sold out! This was a form of worship.

My kids play sports and so I realize how easily a fan could get a little overboard on the excitement scale. These games can be a lot of fun. It’s fun to be a fan and root for your favorite team. However, I’ve always believed that God desires a similar (and even greater) passion to be exhibited for Him, the All Star Player who made all the stars and knows them by name!
He is the MVP for all time and eternity! He is the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End, King of Kings, and Lord of Lords! The Great I Am!

My prayer is that this simple devotional will strengthen your relationship with God in such a way that you’ll dive into a fully-abandoned worship mode with The One and only One worthy of your worship. Agree with me in this prayer and may you never be the same again! Amen?

‘Exalt the Lord our God and worship at his footstool; he is holy. ‘ Psalm 99:5 

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