=**= About Me #EllyFilho



Hello 🙂
Thank you for your visit to The Filhofamily.com. I created this blog because I love to read and write and wanted to share what my days are like. My fashion, my style, my quotes, my reads etc.

I’m just a simple, honest, friendly mom of three boys.

Married to the man of my life. We’ve been together for a very long time. Our experience as a couple, a mother and a father have been like a real trip. I bet some of you can imagine. Today being parents of three teens it’s nothing easy, but manageable. My husband is a Pastor of the church we belong to, and I’m the lady that sits next to him LOL.  😀


I was diagnosed with a DVT (Deep venous Thrombosis) and a PE ( Pulmonary Embolism ) in 2013 coming close to death. Thank God, today I can say I am a survivor, but I’m a carrier of the disease called the Factor II ( Thrombophilia 20210 ) very dangerous situation. I have to be on a strict diet and it requires a lot of effort on my part. Which it doesn’t always happen. I also got diagnosed with Achalasia. Got the Heller Myotomy done in 2015.

I overcame some very tragedy family issues in my past, that today causes me to over focus on that problem causing me some harm of PTSD and DEPR. So you will see some post in regards to those feelings.

I’m a Thinker, Coffee fan, Friendly food ninja, Travel fanatic,  Twitter nerd,  Web geek,  and an Explorer. Besides that,  I’m a huge fan of Photography and Music with a great  passion 🙂




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