=**= About Me #EllyFilho


cc5195c8-9fd4-4035-84fe-e5f79b09047a Hello All, Thank you for your visit to The Filhofamily.com. I created this blog because I love to read and write and wanted to share my greatest adventures. I’m just a simple, honest, friendly wife and mom of three boys and a dog. Got married in June 1998 to my best friend the man of my life. (Chris) The one that loves and supports me in everything.

I overcame some very tragic family issues in my past, that today causes me to over-focus on that problem causing me some harm of PTSD and DEPR as if this wasn’t enough in 2013, I got super sick with a lot of pain and headed to the hospital it was then when my world changed from 1 to 100 in a flash of an eye. I was diagnosed with a DVT (Deep venous Thrombosis) and a PE (Pulmonary Embolism) coming close to death. At that same moment I found out I had a bleeding disorder called Factor II (Thrombophilia 20210) Basically, I clot when I bleed therefore, I take an anticoagulant medication called Eliquis to make my blood thin. The problem with being on this medication is that now I can bleed to death. I also got diagnosed with Achalasia another super rare disease.


I’m a Thinker, Coffee fan, Friendly food ninja, Travel fanatic, Twitter nerd, Web geek, and Explorer. Besides that, I’m a huge fan of Photography and Music with a great passion 🙂

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