Gilt Hollow By Lorie Langdon #momblogger

Willow and Ashton best friends that will do anything for each other. Living in a small town called Gilt Hollow, where everyone knows everyone. Willow’s life involved around her best friend and her trying to prove his innocence to the murder charges of one of his good friend Daniel. Unfortunately the ones blaming him andContinue reading “Gilt Hollow By Lorie Langdon #momblogger”

Remember to Forget By: Ashley Royer #Review

Levi suffers from depression, anxiety, and mood swings as a result of the unexpected and tragic death of his girlfriend. The grief and pain of this loss drove him to stop speaking for months and isolate himself from the world. Out of ideas, his mother decides that he should move from Australia to go live withContinue reading “Remember to Forget By: Ashley Royer #Review”

#Review ~ The all time Best BBQ Grill Brush 3 in 1

  ~~3 Brushes In 1 Design -CLEAN MORE WITH EACH PASS and prevent grill flare ups you can use it with all Grill Types, Including Porcelain, Stainless Steel and Infrared -surface for even the largest grill. ~~It’s good to clean your grill after every use  Food remnants on your grill grate are unsafe and affectContinue reading “#Review ~ The all time Best BBQ Grill Brush 3 in 1”

Jump-Start Your Dreams 

Jump-Start Your Dreams  What is the dream that God’s placed in your heart?I’m not asking if you have one, I already know it’s there because God gives all of us dreams.  I’ve seen people do all kinds of things to their dreams. Some people bury them so deep in their hearts in order to protectContinue reading “Jump-Start Your Dreams “

If I Run By Terri Blackstock #ReviewWithElly

*My Opinion* If I Run, is one of the best suspense novel I’ve read in a while. I could not put this book down and stayed up late in order to finish it. It’s a story that grabs your attention.  This book opens right in the middle of all the secrets and the action whereContinue reading “If I Run By Terri Blackstock #ReviewWithElly”

Marriage: The Final Frontier

   Marriage: The Final Frontier What is it about human nature? Our ability to appreciate the majestic is only rivaled by one thing: our ability to grow bored with it. In 1961, President John Kennedy challenged the United States to put a man on the moon. Throughout that decade, the American public had an insatiableContinue reading “Marriage: The Final Frontier”