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Walk Away With me

A 365 Days Challenge Day #9
 photo good-to-great.jpg

Good and Great 

Great are the works of the Lord, studied by all who delight in them. 
Psalm 111:2 NRSV

Little children sometimes learn the dinner prayer, ” God is great. God is good. Let us thank Him for our food.” This simple prayer contains profound truth. God is good. He brings only good into our lives. He is never the author of any evil thing that happens to you or anyone else. But God is also great. His redemptive fingerprints are all over everything that happens to His children, so that we may emerge from tragedy and loss as victors instead of victims.

All of this becomes very personal when it comes time to trust God with the people and things you value most. As you place in God’s hands what is most precious to you, you demonstrate your belief that God is good and He is great. He is good enough to want the best for you and yours, and great enough to turn every difficulty into triumph. By transferring ownership to God, you give Him an opportunity to demonstrate His faithfulness to you. You become free to be His child, resting under His care.

Heavenly Father, I have seen Your goodness when…

I have seen your goodness in so many ways, in so  many different occasions. The times when I couldn’t fight for myself and you fought for me. I put all my trust in you then, and those times when I had given up on myself you still held on to me, and the times I thought my life was over because I had no more hope to keep going, nothing else had no meaning. You still saw your goodness in me and held me up. Thank you for all you have done.









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