The process on adopting a #rescued dog β€¦

The process on adopting a rescued dog … We started looking for a dog to adopt probably the beginning of October 2019Β  We got rejected by the 1st shelter, we looked because we don’t currently have a pet …  I was sad, frustrated and almost to the point of giving up.Β  But I decided toContinue reading “The process on adopting a #rescued dog β€¦”

When Life Gives you lemon πŸ‹

There are definitely times when bad things happen so Good things can come your way. I’m a true believer of ” Everything happens for a reason. ” either it’s a good or bad one. Last year I was living a life that I would come home every day shower and sleep. To wake up inContinue reading “When Life Gives you lemon πŸ‹”

Seeking God in worship

God is mysterious, eternal, immortal, invisible, the only God. Our lives, however, can become mundane, tedious, and cold. Worship. We all do it. Every day our affection, adoration, devotion, honor and reverence are given to something or someone. Who or what do you worship? All too often my devotion lies with the things of thisContinue reading “Seeking God in worship”