“An Undeserved Love” #MomBlogger

I watched the sippy cup leave my hands and had an “out of body” moment. Out-of-body me stood there looking at sippy-cup-thrower me with that judgy-side-eye thinking “Really, you’ve stooped this low?” The sippy of juice splattered across the kitchen wall and my kids stood there as dumbfounded as I was when I realized I had just lost my ever-lovin-junk in front of them. Everyone was afraid to blink, breathe, cry, or laugh. Because what do you REALLY do in those moments? If you don’t laugh, you just cry.

Oh, motherhood. You bring out the best and unfortunately, the worst in all of us. I can’t remember what it was that made me lose my temper, throw that cup, and probably scare my children half to death. But what I do remember? My three-year-old walking up to me not moments later, hugging my leg (as I was sobbing on the kitchen counter at this point) and saying “I love you, Mommy.”

That, my friends, is a picture of grace and unconditional love. If we learn anything from our children, it’s forgiveness, grace, and love. I was hitting rock bottom, exhausted with three children under the age of three and losing it every second. But a little squeeze from a three-year-old reminded me of God’s love for me in those moments. He whispers to us through our children, “I love you.”

In our weakest, ugliest moments – He embraces us. When we have sore throats from yelling at our kids, when we can barely put a sentence together to talk to our husband because we’ve let our marriage fall apart. When the loneliness takes over because we’ve broken every relationship in our lives.

His grace, His love covers every inch of us – especially the ugly, weak parts. Redemption is such a gift, and every part of our life can be redeemed because He showed us that when He gave His life for us. He could walk away, and leave us crazy people to our cup-throwing ways – but He always welcomes us in and shows us His love.

Thank you, God, for not throwing our sippy cups against the wall and going to the cross for us instead.

Romans 5: 1-11

From a Devotional Study. By Thrive Moms.

5 tips on fighting fair with your teen

5 tips on fighting fair with your teen

Fights with your moody teenagers are inevitable, but here are a few things to remember when a battle breaks out.

  • Teenagers can be terrors, and battles are bound to break out. But not every argument has to be a free-for-all fight. It may seem fitting to make sure your little one knows who’s boss in your home, but it’s important to remember that your kids are still growing, and how you handle arguments with them will teach them how to handle arguments with others. You are a model for your son’s behavior, and you’re teaching your daughter what to expect from the world. So when frustrations rise and tensions boil over, remember this important advice about fights:
  • 1. Words hurt, and cannot be taken back

    You can’t un-ring a bell; and you can’t take back hurtful words you say to your child. You may instantly forget what is spewed in a fray, but the worse it was, the longer your child will remember. No matter how bad the conflict seems, your son or daughter needs to know you’ll still be there for him or her once the battle is over and the smoke has cleared. That bond and trust can easily be broken when he or she has to forget something terrible you’ve said to rebuild your relationship.

  • 2. Your child will remember things you forget

    It’s not just words you must be careful of in fights; your actions can also speak loudly. Acting aggressively toward your son or daughter – lunging, chasing, grabbing or raising a fist – is unnecessary. And needless to say, making contact in this manner is entirely inappropriate. If your teen loses control and attacks you, your job is to restrain and de-escalate — never to retaliate. Likewise, leaving your child in a fight, either at home or stranded somewhere, will leave him feeling abandoned. Be present and available, even in conflict. And see your fight through until its resolution.

  • 3. You are the adult, and you are in control

    Not of your son, but of yourself. He is growing into an independent person with a mind of his own, and no amount of punishment, rage or belittling is going to turn him into who or what you want him to be. He has to find that for himself. But the best way to encourage this is to show him how to be someone you would want him to be; especially in times of crisis.

family father mother daughter dispute screaming silhouette

  • 4. You are a role model

    How you respond in times of stress says a lot about you and your parenting. Show your child how a mature adult responds to the world when things are not going your way. You may feel justified in blowing up and getting into a shouting match, but nothing gets heard or resolved over yelling. Make change at indoor volume.

  • 5. Yours is not the only valid opinion

    It may be time to sit back and actually listen to your teen’s point of view. Yes he may lie, and yes she may be manipulative, but somewhere deep down your teens are learning to navigate the world, and there is likely some structured and logical thinking. Acknowledge what actually makes sense, and build on that.

    Fights with your teens can be stepping stones into adulthood, so make sure you’re laying a good foundation. Teach your sons and daughters to resolve conflict and face an argument with good skills and goals so everyone comes out unscathed and no worse for wear.



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“Sure Foundation”



“Sure Foundation”
Insecurity is probably the worst feeling in the world. It robs you of confidence, rest, and freedom. Just talking about the word floods my mind with so many memories. Being a little girl, afraid of the dark, peeking my eyes just above the covers to see if there really was a monster in my room. As a new kid at school, not knowing a soul, wondering if I would ever find a friend. Auditioning for a musical, nervous and afraid I would forget song lyrics. Picking an outfit for a date, hoping to impress and hold his interest. The day we purchased our first home, wondering if we were grown up enough to handle the responsibility. The way I felt the day we brought home our first baby and the overwhelming reality that we were responsible for his very life. Each of those moments all caused me to feel unsure, and creating a deep desire for something solid to stand on and keep me steady no matter what.

So often, I set my feet upon my circumstances. It’s easy to do because we naturally make agreements with what we can touch and see. For example: If our child has behavior problems in school, it would be easy to then label him a problem child or yourself a bad mom. If a dream falls apart, it would be natural to feel lost and lose sight of your identity. But we’re not called to live by human nature. We are called to walk by the Spirit, and in order to do that, we have to stand on a sure foundation. One that’s been tested and approved. One we know won’t ever be shaken by the quaking and shifting of life. If we stand on what we can see with human eyes, we will constantly shift with an ever changing world. That’s not a life anchored in Jesus. In fact, the bible calls that childish. We are called to grow up into Christ in all things. He is the security we are called to build our lives upon.

What are you standing on today? What are you building your life upon? When the world is afraid of the dark, hiding under the covers, you can be unshakable; shining like a beacon in the night. You can walk through uncertain days because He is your sure foundation.

So this is what the Sovereign Lordsays:  “See, I lay a stone in Zion, a tested stone,  a precious cornerstone for a sure foundation;  the one who relies on it  will never be stricken with panic.  Isaiah 28:16
Source A 6-day devotion

What are your secret fears?

A 365 Days Challenge Day #28

Preparing the Way

Look, I am coming soon! My reward is with me, and I will give to each person according to what they have done. Revelation 22:12

Things aren’t right here on planet Earth. We all know this. Sickness, poverty, injustice, and oppression are not God’s intention or design. Many of our prayers will be devoted to fixing what is wrong in our bodies, our finances, our relationships, our world. The children of God continue to pray, even though many wrongs have not yet been corrected. Does it do any good? Does all this praying have any traction with God?

The Bible describes a time when God will come to earth to make all things right. What does He do first? He gathers up all the prayers of His people and pours them out on the earth. In other words, your prayers, combined with the prayers of good people throughout the ages, are preparing the way for God to fix everything that’s broken in our world. Your prayers are helping to craft a new world, where everything is the way it should be. God’s perfect design for humanity and creation will be restored to earth once again.

God, here’s what I look forward to You fixing…

The injustice of this place.
The unkindness.
The lack of love.
The insecurity.
The way people judge each other.
I also look forward to you fixing my life in general.

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A 365 Days Challenge Day #29

Intimate Friendship with God 

What you’re after is truth from the inside out. Enter me, then; conceive a new, true life. Psalm 51:6 

God longs to be your most intimate friend. He can be trusted with your most guarded secrets. Your prayers form the fabric of a closer and closer relationship. In your conservations with other people, discretion will guide you into being selective with what you share depending on the nature of the relationship. But those filters don’t apply when it comes to your time alone with God. You truly can share anything with Him.

What are your dreams? What are your secret fears? All those things that are most personal about you are safe with God. As you invite Him into all these hidden places in your heart, you’ll find yourself becoming stronger as a person because His reassuring presence will fill those places inside you that are most fragile.

Making yourself vulnerable to God actually makes you less vulnerable as a person because that spiritual intimacy becomes a source of emotional strength. Talk about anything with God and don’t be afraid to go into those things that matter most to you.

God, the secret I want to share with You is….

I’m afraid, I have a lot of fears, and most of the time I have no strength but I keep going. Day by day with your help.

When you run out of hope

A 365 Days Challenge Day #22

Praying for the Wayward

{God} saved us, not because of righteous things we had done, but because of his mercy. Titus 3:5

As human beings created in the image of God, we were designed for perfection. But we also know that we aren’t perfect, and we live in an imperfect world. In your prayers, you will intercede for those who fail, acknowledging that imperfect people need God’s mercy, patience, and help.

The good news is that God loves working with ordinary, imperfect people. You can pray with confidence for those who have missed the mark, knowing that God never runs out of ideas, strategies, and tactics for helping the wayward find their way back to Him. In fact, much of God’s attention is focused on reconciling flawed human beings back into relationship with Him.

As you pray for those who have failed, remember that God doesn’t require people to clean up their act before coming to Him. Instead, you can be confident that God Himself will repair the damage to those who confess their inability to live up to His standard of perfection and their willingness to invite a perfect God into their imperfect world.

God, show me how to help these people to find their way back to You…

For this day, I pray for those that think they don’t need a salvation. I’m not perfect, as a matter of fact I’m far from being perfect. People that think they are perfect are actually the ones that need to be saved. I pray for you that think you are better than everyone else.

Everyone needs someone.


A 365 Days Challenge Day #23

† The Light of God’s Presence †

In him was life; and the life was the light of men. John 1:4

Visitors who tour caverns are sometimes introduced to the experience of total darkness. All the lights are extinguished as the visitors gather deep below the surface. For several moments each person strains without success to see something__anything in the pitch blackness. Then the tour guide strikes a match. The brilliance of that small flame is almost blinding.

The Bible says that God is light. He is ready to illuminate His people when they find themselves in places of darkness. Deception, hopelessness, confusion all bring shadows in our lives, but prayer punches a hole in the darkness. In the place where nothing makes sense and it seems that nothing will work, God shows up with the light of His presence. He will make a way when there is no way. In the creation account, God spoke into the darkness and created light. in the same way, He will speak into your darkest moments. When you run out of hope, direct your prayers to the God who never runs out of possibilities.

God, the place where I need the light of Your presence is…

I’ve seen the dark where today I see the light. I’ve been to a place where I thought there was no return for me. Where most days darkness was all I could see. Some how I came out of that. The day I was able to realize the darkness around me turned to light and I had Jesus in my life and was given a second chance in life, was when I was able to see what His presence was really about.


Life often throws things at us

A 365 Days Challenge Day #13

The presence of God

A small child was walking through a busy supermarket with her mother. All around her were bright colors and interesting shapes, sounds and smells, a whole world to explore. As her other pondered a purchase, this child was attracted by a balloon display in the next aisle. Slipping quietly away, she went to investigate. Then something else caught her attention, and she took a few steps in that direction. This went on for a minute or two, until she looked up and realized that her mother was nowhere in sight and she had no idea how to find her. She had left her mother’s comforting presence. She was lost.
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The habit of prayer keeps God’s comforting presence close. Life often throws things at us that we are not prepared to handle on our own.

When trouble strikes, as it usually does, without warning, you are in a much stronger place with God at your side than you would be with Him far away. Staying “prayed up” keeps you in a place of safety.

Lord, when trouble strikes, the first thing I do is…

When trouble strikes the first thing I do is fall onto my knees. I’ve never seen so much of God in my life like I’ve faced the most devastated problems you can’t imagine. When I face Any problems I bow down in prayer. I pray and I believe in miracles. I believe with all my heart in the God I serve.