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First Day of College #momlife 


I miss the days when you would just crawl into my arms and my hugs and kisses were all you seemed to need….. I can only hope that we have taught you the most important lessons about life….ethics, morality….if not in words then at least through our actions and deeds.

You will have temptation from every direction, and will need to have the guts to know what is right and not just follow the ‘pack’! If you still have any doubt on how to proceed…..REMEMBER…now that you are 18, you will always be tried as an adult!

There is always someone smarter than you, dumber than you, more confused than you, more secure, less confident, more sensitive, less reserved….and even more dysfunctional! Enjoy the benefits of meeting some, and show compassion for the others. Roles may be reversed next week!

In these upcoming years, don’t be afraid to roll up your sleeves and work hard for what you want! You have never shied away from hard work…..don’t start now! Believe in yourself and never be afraid to say what you really think or feel. You will be facing adversity……make sure you get up when you are kicked down, holding your head high! Continue to be the loving, caring son/friend I know you to be. Compassion is everything in life!

You have been so focused on who and what you want to be since you were 5 years of age. With the endless possibilities in front of you, don’t be afraid if your goals take a couple of twists and turns. This is only natural and expected. You are surrounded by our love and support.

I am so proud to be your Mom. You are a true gift from God and one of my greatest accomplishments. I cannot wait to see what your future holds, the possibilities are endless.

I Love you ❤

Author unknown
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5 tips on fighting fair with your teen

5 tips on fighting fair with your teen

Fights with your moody teenagers are inevitable, but here are a few things to remember when a battle breaks out.
  • Teenagers can be terrors, and battles are bound to break out. But not every argument has to be a free-for-all fight. It may seem fitting to make sure your little one knows who’s boss in your home, but it’s important to remember that your kids are still growing, and how you handle arguments with them will teach them how to handle arguments with others. You are a model for your son’s behavior, and you’re teaching your daughter what to expect from the world. So when frustrations rise and tensions boil over, remember this important advice about fights:
  • 1. Words hurt, and cannot be taken back

    You can’t un-ring a bell; and you can’t take back hurtful words you say to your child. You may instantly forget what is spewed in a fray, but the worse it was, the longer your child will remember. No matter how bad the conflict seems, your son or daughter needs to know you’ll still be there for him or her once the battle is over and the smoke has cleared. That bond and trust can easily be broken when he or she has to forget something terrible you’ve said to rebuild your relationship.

  • 2. Your child will remember things you forget

    It’s not just words you must be careful of in fights; your actions can also speak loudly. Acting aggressively toward your son or daughter – lunging, chasing, grabbing or raising a fist – is unnecessary. And needless to say, making contact in this manner is entirely inappropriate. If your teen loses control and attacks you, your job is to restrain and de-escalate — never to retaliate. Likewise, leaving your child in a fight, either at home or stranded somewhere, will leave him feeling abandoned. Be present and available, even in conflict. And see your fight through until its resolution.

  • 3. You are the adult, and you are in control

    Not of your son, but of yourself. He is growing into an independent person with a mind of his own, and no amount of punishment, rage or belittling is going to turn him into who or what you want him to be. He has to find that for himself. But the best way to encourage this is to show him how to be someone you would want him to be; especially in times of crisis.

family father mother daughter dispute screaming silhouette

  • 4. You are a role model

    How you respond in times of stress says a lot about you and your parenting. Show your child how a mature adult responds to the world when things are not going your way. You may feel justified in blowing up and getting into a shouting match, but nothing gets heard or resolved over yelling. Make change at indoor volume.

  • 5. Yours is not the only valid opinion

    It may be time to sit back and actually listen to your teen’s point of view. Yes he may lie, and yes she may be manipulative, but somewhere deep down your teens are learning to navigate the world, and there is likely some structured and logical thinking. Acknowledge what actually makes sense, and build on that.

    Fights with your teens can be stepping stones into adulthood, so make sure you’re laying a good foundation. Teach your sons and daughters to resolve conflict and face an argument with good skills and goals so everyone comes out unscathed and no worse for wear.

Georgia D. Lee seeks to empower, inspire, enrich and educate anyone with an open mind, heart and spirit through her most treasured medium – black and white!
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Overflowing with joy.

Dear Heavenly Father,

May our lives be filled to overflowing with joy. Whether we’re waiting on You for our next step or living according to plan, may we discover peace and joy that come to those who trust in Your will.
Give us the strength and courage to hold onto joy when others are dragging us down. For nobody can rob us of that which flows from Your Spirit.

It’s not easy to rejoice in tribulation, or to give thanks when we experience loss, but all things are possible to those who believe. All things are beautiful to those who put their trust in Your hands.

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To The One That  I Love 

Seems like it was yesterday. We were standing at the altar. I was only 18 and you 21. People must of been thinking. ” what are these kids doing?” But here we are today. 
You’re turning 40 and I would like to wish you a Happy birthday! 

Couldn’t be a happier wife. You’re even better than what I ever imagine. 

A husband that takes care of his house, his kids, well his family in general. 

A person that a friend can count on. 

A Pastor with many other values. 

I’m very proud of you for everything you are and for everything I’m sure you will still become. 

You have many dreams you already conquered and a lot still to come. 

I’ve made a promise to be by you’re side and a promise I’ll keep ” Till Death do Us Part. ”
 I Love You forever and Always. Happy 40th Birthday !!! 
You’re wife. ❤️💕

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8 ways to show your wife that she’s your top priority

8 ways to show your wife that she’s your top priority
Here are 8 great ways to let the lady in your life know that she’s #1!
  • A real man makes sure his wife knows she is his top priority. Here are 8 surefire ways to keep your wife in the top spot:
  • 1. Undivided attention

    Put that iWhatever down, shut off that video game, fold up the newspaper, and turn off the playoffs. If you want your woman to know she’s the most important thing in your life, give her lots of one-on-one time with undivided attention.

    When your focus is shifting between her and other distractions, it can make your girl feel like she’s playing second fiddle to whatever else you’re doing. Don’t multitask when you should be spending quality time with her.

  • 2. Active listening

    Pay attention, take in information, process it and respond. Listening is more than staying quiet while you wait for your turn to speak. Really focus on what the woman in your life is trying to convey to you. Make the effort to understand what she says from her perspective so what is important to her feels important to you.

  • 3. Little things

    Little things go a long way. Small gestures of appreciation will mean a lot to your lady when given the thought they deserve. Make your partner eggs the way she loves them, get her a gift card to her favorite store, or even make a coupon book for hugs, kisses and other shows of affection.

    Grand gestures have a place but the smallest considerations on a daily basis will keep the fires burning between the big celebrations.

  • 4. Stay approachable

    Make sure your lady love knows she can come to you with anything. It’s not enough to openly ask her what’s wrong when you see her brooding, she has to know in her heart shecan come to you at any time, no matter what the case is and no matter what mood you’re in. And when she does come to you, beapproachable. Stop what you’re doing and listen, calmly, contently and with concern. Always create a safe space for her in you.

  • 5. Take a break

    We all deserve a little rest and relaxation, so show your woman some appreciation by planning family vacation and solo vacations.

    Traveling to fun destinations with the household is a great way to invigorate family bonds, but sending her to a weekend getaway on her own will let her know you care about her as an individual and want her at her best.

  • 6. Continued courting

    Never stop dating. Ask her out on fun, adventurous and romantic dates as if you’d never gotten the prize. Let her know you’ll keep working for her even though she’s already yours. A wanted woman is a happy woman.

  • 7. Joint decisions

    Always consult your wife before making big decisions that affect you both. This can be tough however if, for example, you are an entrepreneur and your wife is not a partner in the business. Decisions must be made frequently and sometimes on the fly, and they can have a huge effect on your home life. Although these business dealings or other decisions may not directly concern your life partner, if they affect her at least try to run things by her before committing.

  • 8. Constant consideration

    A woman who knows she’s loved knows her husband is always thinking about what she needs and what is important to her. This could be large or small considerations, but consistency is the key.

    Maybe she likes a particular fragrance of flavor, has a favorite style, or prefers handcrafted knickknacks to fancy jewels. Make sure whatever you do for her is tailored to what she really cares about. After all, it’s the thought that counts.

    Keeping your wife #1 takes work but should never be a chore. Letting your woman know she’s your main priority and doing so with enthusiasm and pride will keep you both happier and more fulfilled in life and love.


Georgia Lee
Georgia D. Lee seeks to empower, inspire, enrich and educate anyone with an open mind, heart and spirit through her most treasured medium – black and white!  Website:
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Riding the Brakes #Parenting 


Riding the Brakes
I see parents all the time who are working very hard to correct their children, but they don’t realize it doesn’t have to be so hard. If they would invest more time in building a relationship—hit the gas a little harder—they would discover it’s much easier to steer.

That analogy poses the question: What gets in the way of building a relationship? Sometimes we blame our lack of time, because we’re just too busy. In the analogy, that’s like running out of gas. Other times we blame our children’s stubbornness. They don’t want a relationship with us and push us away. That’s like having a flat tire. We’re not going anywhere until we pull off to the side of our paths and change an attitude or two.

“But he gives us more grace. That is why Scripture says: “God opposes the proud but shows favor to the humble.””

‭‭James‬ ‭4:6‬ ‭NIV‬‬

Both our lack of time and their stubbornness can be factors in why the relationship isn’t gaining much acceleration. However, I’d like to suggest another reason, one I think is actually much more common than we recognize. Many parents are riding down the road with one foot on the gas and the other foot on the brake. And the name of that brake pedal is pride.

Three times in God’s Word, pride is linked to resistance. Peter and James both tell us, “God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.” The writer of Proverbs says, “Toward the scorners he is scornful, but to the humble he gives favor.” I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking that if God says something three times, it must be really important to Him. Here’s my paraphrase: in a relationship with God, humility hits the gas and pride hits the brakes.

God warns us repeatedly about pride because it destroys our relationship with Him. God does not want your life to implode into self-centeredness like a black hole that collapses into nothingness under its own gravity. But it’s pretty hard to worship your Creator when you are High Priest of My Way in the Temple of Me.
*Do you see pride or selfishness in your own life that is affecting or being picked up on by your child?

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Forgive even if they are not Sorry

A 365 Days Challenge Day #3

 photo 47c279f4d661455c983b11e6c1e45f92.jpg


Think about how good it feels when a conflict is resolved, and friendship is restored. That’s what God wants for each of us.

When we iron out our differences with others and renew those friendships, we open the door for deeper intimacy with God in prayer. How do you patch things up? Follow the 1-99 rule. If the conflict is 99 percent your responsibility, don’t focus on the party’s mistakes; rather take care of your 1 percent. Most of the time, when you apologize for your role in the conflict, the other person’s heart will soften.

Sincere attempts to reconcile usually work, but sometimes they don’t. God doesn’t expect you to take responsibility for someone else’s unwillingness to apologize or forgive. Nor does God want you to invite an abusive person back into your life. But when you do your best to live at peace with all people, you will experience a new level of peace with God.

Lord God, as I take inventory of my relationships, help me to…

 photo cf68520099c1d50ff3e51d039a234bb7.jpg

Help me to forgive those that have hurt me, forgive and forget. It’s so hard sometimes for me to forget. I always keep my focus on the other person’s fault and forget I can only change and take responsibility for my part. Help me to live at peace not only with myself but also with those that has done me wrong.


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9 Insane (But True) Questions kids ask


As they grow, children begin to ask questions. Some hard, some even feared by adults.

A Research by the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) with the collaboration of more than four thousand people with children between 4 and 12 years reveals that when the questions are on topics related to science, technology, engineering and mathematics, 83% parents do not know what to say. This happens especially with basic questions such as what justifies that the sky is blue.

Two-thirds of respondents recognize that they already answered the wrong way, just not to admit they don’t know. And about 61% say they have used tricks or just didn’t respond.

“Parents need to know that it’s perfectly legitimate to say: ‘. I do not know, good question Let’s see if we can find the answer,'” explains Naomi Climer, president of the EIT.


1. What is photosynthesis? It is the process by which the green plants and some organisms use the sunlight to convert CO2 and water into sugars and oxygen.

2. How can the universe be infinite? The universe is infinite, but because of the speed of light we can only see the finite part. or the places where the light has reached since the beginning of the universe.

3. Why is the sun so big and there’re no people living there? The sun is much smaller than most of the stars we see in the sky. And it is impossible to live there because we would die of heat.

4. Why does the sunshine? The pressure that exists in the center of the sun causes the atoms to become hydrogen into helium. This is a process that takes the name of nuclear fusion, which occurs when the lighter elements are forced to stay together, to turn into heavier elements. This creates a lot of energy.

5. Can the moon fall? The truth is that, because of gravity, the moon falls towards the Earth. But it does this continuously, at high speed, it can follow the curve of our planet and will not collide. .

6. Why is the sky blue? The light coming from the sun enters the atmosphere and disperses in all directions. As the length of which is shorter, the blue light scattered more than purple and yellow, which gives the impression that occupies the entire sky.


7. Who invented the computer? We could say it was Charles Babbage and Ada Lovelace, in the nineteenth century, when they invented a brass the machine, or Alan Turing and John von Neumann, who later created the first electronic machines. So the best answer is the computers were invented by many people.

8. How are bricks made? To make bricks, men use a natural ingredient, clay.

9. How many species of dinosaurs existed? It is estimated that there was between 700 and 900 kinds of dinosaurs. But it’s hard to be sure because paleontologists are always finding new fossils.

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Monday #Review of the @DollaShaveClub

I wanted to give this time. Try it out before I wrote anything bad or good about it. 
The first day we got the shaver from @DollarShaveClub we were very excited couldn’t wait to try it out. 

It looked very appealing in the pictures, the website promotes

A GREAT SHAVE FOR A FEW BUCKS. No commitment. No fees. No BS.

As for me being a frugal stay at home mom I liked the idea of the price.

Yes, it’s cheaper than the other brands.
When you stop to think about it using coupons with other brands you can get it for the same price maybe even cheaper. Even though we realized that we still wanted to try it out.

The website is easy to choose and start getting what you are looking for as it states on the website.

HOW IT WORKS Dollar Shave Club couldn’t be simpler. Select one of our great blades, pay only for the cost of your blades, and we send ’em right to your door every month.

We selected to have the most expensive one $9 month +shipping because I thought

” Hey this will be perfect. The website describes the blades as follow.

stainless steel blade
4 cartridges per month
Special trimmer edge built in for the professional
This blade comes from the future and lives in outer space
Full 90-degree pivot head Wide-open back for a fast, easy rinse Aloe, Vitamin E, and lavender lubricating strip calms sensitive skin.
What do you get the bathroom sink that has everything? The Executive. This blade is my successful. Muy sexy. Weighty, substantial handle delivers the ultimate compliment to the man who understands. And the shave is so buttery, it feels like you’re carving turns through a virgin Wyoming snowfall.

It took about a week for the delivery, and we had our brand-new shavers and a free sample of the aftershave in our hands.

It’s a nice-looking shaver and the Special trimmer was cool.

So, my husband tested it first, he used the shaver 2x and had to move on to a new one.
I told him maybe it was because I used it once and he said ” well the one we get at the store lasts 3weeks before changing blades.

He tried using another one by himself, I never touched it (I promise LOL) again after 2 shaves the blades were dull and it looked horrible.

Yes, we got disappointed. I had so much expectation for this product, and it failed. 😦

Still haven’t decided what I want to do next, but since the one we got is the best they can offer I think we will need to cancel.

(I bought this product, and this is my honest opinion, don’t forget everyone is different and the product might work great for you. It didn’t for us, and this is why I’m doing my review.)
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4 ways to have a Family Saturday

We all have busy lives. Finding time today is almost impossible

If you’re like me, you feel like there’s still stuff to do at the end of the day. Tempted to keep your computer and phone on at all times. Fighting distractions in your brain even when with your family.

You need to have priorities. In the end, our family is all that matters, so don’t push your family to the bottom of your to-do list.
If you want a stronger marriage and family, start by investing more time.
Family Date Night

1. Remember that “Date Night” doesn’t have to happen at night

Look for ways to connect during the day.

2. Never walk into your house while you’re on your phone

I make sure to end the call before walking through the door.

3. Have set times where everybody is unplugged

Try to shut down the electronics more often. Talking with each other is always better than texting with somebody else!

4. Prioritize family time AND one-on-one time

Plan activities you can all do as a family, also plan for one-on-one time with each other and with each of your kids individually. That time will be golden for your kids.