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What are your secret fears?

A 365 Day Challenge Day #28

Preparing the Way

Look, I am coming soon! My reward is with me, and I will give to each person according to what they have done. Revelation 22:12

Things aren’t right here on planet Earth. We all know this. Sickness, poverty, injustice, and oppression are not God’s intention or design. Many of our prayers will be devoted to fixing what is wrong in our bodies, our finances, our relationships, our world. The children of God continue to pray, even though many wrongs have not yet been corrected. Does it do any good? Does all this praying have any traction with God?

The Bible describes a time when God will come to earth to make all things right. What does He do first? He gathers up all the prayers of His people and pours them out on the earth. In other words, your prayers, combined with the prayers of good people throughout the ages, are preparing the way for God to fix everything that’s broken in our world. Your prayers are helping to craft a new world, where everything is the way, it should be. God’s perfect design for humanity and creation will be restored to earth once again.

God, here’s what I look forward to You fixing…

The injustice of this place.
The unkindness.
The lack of love.
The insecurity.
The way people judge each other.
I also look forward to you fixing my life in general.

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A 365 Day Challenge Day #29

Intimate Friendship with God 

What you’re after is truth from the inside out. Enter me, then; conceive a new, true life. Psalm 51:6 

God longs to be your most intimate friend. He can be trusted with your most guarded secrets. Your prayers form the fabric of a closer and closer relationship. In your conservations with other people, discretion will guide you into being selective with what you share depending on the nature of the relationship. But those filters don’t apply when it comes to your time alone with God. You truly can share anything with Him.

What are your dreams? What are your secret fears? All those things that are most personal about you are safe with God. As you invite Him into all these hidden places in your heart, you’ll find yourself becoming stronger as a person because His reassuring presence will fill those places inside you that are most fragile.

Making yourself vulnerable to God actually makes you less vulnerable as a person because that spiritual intimacy becomes a source of emotional strength. Talk about anything with God and don’t be afraid to go into those things that matter most to you.

God, the secret I want to share with You is….

I’m afraid, I have a lot of fears, and most of the time I have no strength, but I keep going. Day by day with your help.

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