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“Sure Foundation”



“Sure Foundation”
Insecurity is probably the worst feeling in the world. It robs you of confidence, rest, and freedom. Just talking about the word floods my mind with so many memories. Being a little girl, afraid of the dark, peeking my eyes just above the covers to see if there really was a monster in my room. As a new kid at school, not knowing a soul, wondering if I would ever find a friend. Auditioning for a musical, nervous and afraid I would forget song lyrics. Picking an outfit for a date, hoping to impress and hold his interest. The day we purchased our first home, wondering if we were grown up enough to handle the responsibility. The way I felt the day we brought home our first baby and the overwhelming reality that we were responsible for his very life. Each of those moments all caused me to feel unsure, and creating a deep desire for something solid to stand on and keep me steady no matter what.

So often, I set my feet upon my circumstances. It’s easy to do because we naturally make agreements with what we can touch and see. For example: If our child has behavior problems in school, it would be easy to then label him a problem child or yourself a bad mom. If a dream falls apart, it would be natural to feel lost and lose sight of your identity. But we’re not called to live by human nature. We are called to walk by the Spirit, and in order to do that, we have to stand on a sure foundation. One that’s been tested and approved. One we know won’t ever be shaken by the quaking and shifting of life. If we stand on what we can see with human eyes, we will constantly shift with an ever changing world. That’s not a life anchored in Jesus. In fact, the bible calls that childish. We are called to grow up into Christ in all things. He is the security we are called to build our lives upon.

What are you standing on today? What are you building your life upon? When the world is afraid of the dark, hiding under the covers, you can be unshakable; shining like a beacon in the night. You can walk through uncertain days because He is your sure foundation.

So this is what the Sovereign Lordsays:  “See, I lay a stone in Zion, a tested stone,  a precious cornerstone for a sure foundation;  the one who relies on it  will never be stricken with panic.  Isaiah 28:16
Source A 6-day devotion
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Worth By @ajblive

You thought I was worth saving
So you came in changed my life

You thought I was worth keeping
so you cleaned me up inside

You thought I was to die for
so you sacrificed your life

So I could be free
So I could be whole
So I could tell everyone I know

Glory to God who changed my life

Because I am free
Because I am whole
And I will tell everyone I know


You thought I was worth saving
So you came in changed my life

You thought I worth keeping
So you cleaned me up inside
You thought I was to die for
You sacrificed your life
So I can be free

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The perspective that changes Everything

A 365 Day Challenge Day #26

The perspective that changes Everything

The fear of the Lord _ that is wisdom, and to shun evil is understanding. Job 28:28 

Understanding God’s true place in the universe gives your prayers depth they would not otherwise have. As you ponder the certainty of His victory over evil, as you consider how deeply He cares, your own confidence in God’s answers to your prayers will grow, and the nature of your prayers will change. You will begin to see things from an eternal perspective and long for the same things that God Himself desires.

The Bible calls this ” the fear of the Lord.” This is a settled determination never to go against the Almighty, a reverential awe for His majestic presence and purposes, a healthy respect for His power, and a complete trust in the goodness of His motives; an understanding that God really does know best. As you pray from this perspective, your fear of people and circumstances wanes, your faith grows, and your doubts diminish. You begin to see how God can use even a small person to make a big difference, and your prayers will echo God’s deepest desires.

God, show me who You really are, especially with regard to…

It’s been a little over 2 years and I’ve been praying and waiting.
Show me who you really are God. Make a difference in my life. I need my confidence in God to grow. It’s been a true struggle and frustrating moments. Help me look into the future and not the past.

Photo courtesy Michelle W.

A 365 Day Challenge Day #27

A Beautiful Aroma

Let my prayer be counted as incense before you, and the lifting up of my hands as an evening sacrifice. Psalm 141:2

In the process of selling a home, sometimes real estate agents ask their clients to bake bread just before the house is shown to a prospective buyer. Why? Research has shown that certain smells, such as fresh-baked bread or cookies, attract buyers, while other odors, such as chlorine bleach, repel them.

Did you know that your prayers actually have a beautiful aroma? The Bible describes the prayers of God’s people as “golden bowls of incense” in heaven carried by the angels into the presence of God. God loves the smell of your prayers. What you share from your heart is honored in heaven and long remembered by God.

There isn’t anything you need to off to make your prayers more attractive; they already are beautiful to God because they come from an honest and sincere heart. It’s eloquence of the spirit not vocabulary that matters to God. Trying to impress Him is a useless exercise. He hears and He answers because He cares deeply about you.

God, what is on my heart today is…

I woke up this morning with a lot in my heart. I was grateful God answer prayers. I have been asking for closure on an ongoing matter in my life and just this week I received a letter. It wasn’t closure but, it’s the beginning of the end, and I was very happy. In my heart today I’m asking God to see me through. I need this to be resolved and soon.

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Sometimes anger gives you the energy

A 365 Day Challenge Day #18

Pray especially for rulers and their governments to rule well so we can be quietly about our business of living simply. 1 Timothy 2:1 MSG 

Praying for Those in Authority Sooner or later, people in places of power and governmental authority will make decisions, pass laws, and implement policies that you don’t like. In some countries you have the freedom to enter the political process and advocate reform; in some nations you don’t, but you always have the freedom to pray.

Praying for leaders is always your first and best option. Leaders are not usually available to listen to your requests, but God is. presidents, governors, justices, and legislators sometimes make bad decisions, but God can take those poor choices and turn them around for good. God can protect you from the evil (instead and unintended) that poor leadership can bring into your life. God can give you peace and encouragement, even when governments create terrible circumstances for you. Finally, God can take your prayers and use them to draw that leader into a relationship with Him.

When it comes to politics, many complain but few pray. As one who prays, you are paving the way for a better tomorrow.

God, when I think of my leaders, I most want to…

When I think about the leaders of this world, I have to believe God you are in control, because it can’t get any worst. I understand they are dealing with the most difficult situations ever, but there is a lot they should be doing and don’t. So, I put my trust and faith in The Lord. Like I saw on T.V today Mr. Trump making fun of a special need child. How sick can this guy be? Who in their right mind would vote for a sick person like that? I felt sick to my stomach


A 365 Day Challenge Day #19


Anger and Prayer 

Can you pray when you’re angry? Should you pray when you’re annoyed? The answer, which may surprise you, is yes ___ absolutely yes. Anger is like dynamite. It can accomplish much good, or it can do terrible damage depending on where and how it is used. By bringing God’s presence into the heat of the moment, you can direct your anger into its most positive purpose.

Sometimes anger gives you the energy to right a wrong, to rectify an injustice, to solve a problem. But anger can also be out of proportion to the situation, and then prayer gives and opportunity for God’s transforming presence to clear up unresolved issues.

In either case, sharing your anger first with God puts Him at the helm, where your emotions can be leveraged for the best possible outcome. “Lord, I’m angry because” is a great way to start a prayer. During the course of your conversation with God, your openness to Him will allow Him to bring wisdom for the moment. which will save a world of regret later on.

God, I find myself getting angry when…

It’s always a good time to pray so let us pray 🙂

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Not a performance


A 365 Days Challenge Day #16

Not a performance

Many people are concerned that they don’t know the right words to say when they pray. But Jesus assures us that prayer is not a performance that will be graded, but instead a moment to be shared. ” Go into a hiding place and pray,” Jesus says. No one needs to watch your prayers and give their seal of approval.

In a healthy family, children don’t recite a script when addressing their parents; they just open their mouths and the words tumble out. In a happy marriage, spouses often speak to each other in cryptic, incomplete sentences. Their words would make little sense to someone on the outside, but, between the two of them, there’s a world of meaning.

The best prayers are not necessarily the most eloquent, but rather the most heartfelt. The syntax and grammar of prayer are honestly and humility. Anyone, anytime can let go of pride and bow his or her heart before God. That posture of the heart gives all of us equal footing with God.

Heavenly Father, it’s easiest for me to talk to You when…

The easiest time and place is the comfort of my home. Just this morning as I was getting ready for church I was in a big argument with my closet because half of my clothes didn’t fit and the other half is too big. So I stopped to look at the time and noticed I was getting late, and thought to myself. What’s more important? Me getting or even going to church? or looking good? Dressing all up? I believe it’s what I’m going there for, and what my heart is feeling, my humility, not my pride, and certainly not my looks. The outside shouldn’t matter. If going to a place to talk to God, I need to look better than someone than I don’t want to go there. I shouldn’t feel like that. I need to look and feel my best but not for others. So the comfort of my home is my best place.



A 365 Days Challenge Day #17

Our Father in Heaven

Prayers flows out of relationship. It is your connection with God that creates your conversation with God. As you come into relationship with Him, you experience Him not as some remote deity, but as your loving Father who deeply cares about you.

Earthly fathers can be awesome, aloof, abusive, or absent altogether. Your relationship with your biological or adoptive father may have been less than perfect. But things are different with Father God.He is always there for you. He understands. He always has time for you. He never forgets, never fails to keep a promise. He will encourage you and never put you down. In this relationship you can be yourself because He is here to coach you into fulfilling your true potential. When it comes time for correction, your heavenly Father always acts with kindness, never with the heavy hand of condemnation.

Knowing God’s great care for you as your Father frees you to bring anything that is on your heart to him. He will care for you.

Lord God, when I think of You as my Father, I…

When I think of you I remember you always have time for me.
You never forget me, You never fail me, You always keep a promise, you encourage me.
You will Never put me down. You will forever LOVE ME for who I AM.

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Don’t pretend something didn’t happen.

 photo day14.jpg

A 365 Days Challenge Day #14

Praying for Persecutors

The first mention of prayer in the New Testament is an injunction to pray for those who persecute you. Praying for those who have hurt you takes your relationship with God to an entirely different level. It affords you an opportunity to look honestly at the hurt and anger you feel, and to be realistic with God about the offenses that were committed against you. God never expected you to pretend that something bad didn’t happen.

Praying for those who persecute you also allows you to examine the reasons that you might hesitate to hand that hurt and anger over to God. This is a place of honesty and truth. As you are honest with God, He can help you comprehend the freeing truth about your situation. Free from bitterness, you begin to see your persecutor through God’s eyes. You can pray that he or she will come to that same place of freedom that you have found, so that everything that was wrong can finally be set right.

Lord God, when I think about those who have hurt me, I…

This came to me on a day I needed it the most. I was feeling so bitter, upset and hurt. I’m not the type of person to get attached, but I have a lot of feelings and when I get hurt, I hold on to it like it’s my best friend. That feeling that never wants to let go of me. It’s horrible. I hate it. Instead of me handling it over to God and letting it go. I hold on. By doing what this lesson teaches me to do, I can start to comprehend the true freeing of the truth. If I get realistic with the truth, praying for those that has hurt me, it will take my relationship with God to an entirely different level. A superior level where I’ve never been before.
 photo DAy15.jpg

A 365 Days Challenge Day #15

Making a Difference

Your prayers for cities and nations are never wasted. You never know whose life you will change forever through prayer. The first example of intercession in the Bible is Abraham negotiating with God on behalf of the wicked cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. “If you find ten righteous people in Sodom,” Abraham asks, ” will you save the city from destruction?” What was  Abraham thinking? Rather than focus on everything that was wrong, he looked for that sliver of hope, that opportunity for God to intervene.

In the same way, as you look around you, find opportunities for God to show up. Pray for His intervention in schools, governments, media, entertainment, families, churches, and businesses. The chaos in our world has a solution: the God who listens to and answers our prayers. The change that’s needed might come through your prayers. You may never run for president or own a business or make a movie, but your influence can be felt everywhere if you are willing to intercede.

God, when I hear bad news, my first response is to…

To be honest, I no longer watch the news. I don’t watch television. It’s not a part of my life anymore. Although I read about it on the media. It still doesn’t make me want to watch it. I still pray for our Nation, Schools, President, Hospitals, prisons, and families around the world. I have rested all the caused and chaos of this world in God’s hands.


“”” Sorry about the double post but I’m behind. I wasn’t feeling too good and didn’t have time to post “”” 


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Life often throws things at us

A 365 Days Challenge Day #13

The presence of God

A small child was walking through a busy supermarket with her mother. All around her were bright colors and interesting shapes, sounds and smells, a whole world to explore. As her other pondered a purchase, this child was attracted by a balloon display in the next aisle. Slipping quietly away, she went to investigate. Then something else caught her attention, and she took a few steps in that direction. This went on for a minute or two, until she looked up and realized that her mother was nowhere in sight and she had no idea how to find her. She had left her mother’s comforting presence. She was lost.
 photo day13.jpg

The habit of prayer keeps God’s comforting presence close. Life often throws things at us that we are not prepared to handle on our own.

When trouble strikes, as it usually does, without warning, you are in a much stronger place with God at your side than you would be with Him far away. Staying “prayed up” keeps you in a place of safety.

Lord, when trouble strikes, the first thing I do is…

When trouble strikes the first thing I do is fall onto my knees. I’ve never seen so much of God in my life like I’ve faced the most devastated problems you can’t imagine. When I face Any problems I bow down in prayer. I pray and I believe in miracles. I believe with all my heart in the God I serve.









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I know You will never leave me nor forsake me.

A 365 Days Challenge Day #12

 photo 0c49debecb087f93dc088858aff34120.jpg

Affirm The Truth 

One powerful way to pray is to speak out those things you know to be true. ” God, I know You are here. I know You are smarter than I am, stronger than I am, wiser than I am. My problems don’t stump You at all. You’re not wringing Your hands; instead, You’re rolling up Your sleeves.”

This is a particularly effective when you put it next to the problems you are experiencing. “I feel all alone, but I know You will never leave me nor forsake me.” ” I don’t know what to do, but I know that you instruct me and teach me in the way I should go, that You counsel me and watch over me.” ” Everything is dark on my path right now, but You are the God who stood over the darkness and said, ” Let there be light.”

These affirmations of faith strengthen your own spirit and help you keep things in perspective. Even big problems will seem small in the presence of God’s great power.

Holy God, some of the things I believe to be true about You are…

That you’re always there. You are the one that when I’m in need you carry me in your arms.

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There is a time and a place

A 365 Days Challenge Day #11

 photo 720d7939727333c6fd34b125647a1f2a.jpg

Pray Aloud

There is a time and a place for silent prayer ___ in a library, on a bus, in school, and in many other settings where talking out loud to God might not be appropriate. But praying aloud should be part of your daily routine if at all possible. Speech helps to clarify and solidify your thoughts. A great time and place to pray aloud is when you’re home, in your own room alone. But, since cell phones with Bluetooth devices have become popular, it’s common to see people walking down the sidewalk in an animated conversation with someone that isn’t physically present with them. You can pray aloud in public, and most people will assume you’re on the phone.

 photo 9723cf2c9dd059ee0ee5754c648db4bf.jpg

Praying aloud is a great way to experience God more completely. Vocalizing your prayers also gives you practice for those situations where you might be called upon to pray for someone else. If you’ve never prayed with your voice before, the hardest part is getting started. Go ahead, give it a try! You’ll do just fine.

Heavenly Father, when I pray aloud I pray aloud to You, I feel…

I feel like I can be heard I feel like our relationship is real.









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Taste and see…

A 365 Days Challenge Day #10

 photo 8ae0c2e5e671f2cc792bed595ccf7616.jpg

Blind faith has never been a requirement for following God. The so-called  leap of faith is really only a small hop, like stepping across a little mud puddle, not a suicide jump across a canyon of impossibility. God allows us to verify his existence by looking into the heavens and seeing their scope and wonder, by exploring the intricate design of life and marveling at the Creator. The Bible invites us to taste and see that God is good. God wants to be experienced by you.

In a way, this journey is like courtship. As you place into God’s hands more and more of the pieces of your life, you discover who God really is and how He really feels about you. You learn what He means when He says, ” I love you.” In you prayers, share your doubts and fears with God. Ask Him how you can discover who He really is in those areas. Let Him reveal Himself to you in a way that you can experience.

Lord God, my idea of experiencing You is…

My idea of experiencing you is by sharing with you what I can’t share with anyone else, or nowhere else.