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The perspective that changes Everything

A 365 Day Challenge Day #26

The perspective that changes Everything

The fear of the Lord _ that is wisdom, and to shun evil is understanding. Job 28:28 

Understanding God’s true place in the universe gives your prayers depth they would not otherwise have. As you ponder the certainty of His victory over evil, as you consider how deeply He cares, your own confidence in God’s answers to your prayers will grow, and the nature of your prayers will change. You will begin to see things from an eternal perspective and long for the same things that God Himself desires.

The Bible calls this ” the fear of the Lord.” This is a settled determination never to go against the Almighty, a reverential awe for His majestic presence and purposes, a healthy respect for His power, and a complete trust in the goodness of His motives; an understanding that God really does know best. As you pray from this perspective, your fear of people and circumstances wanes, your faith grows, and your doubts diminish. You begin to see how God can use even a small person to make a big difference, and your prayers will echo God’s deepest desires.

God, show me who You really are, especially with regard to…

It’s been a little over 2 years and I’ve been praying and waiting.
Show me who you really are God. Make a difference in my life. I need my confidence in God to grow. It’s been a true struggle and frustrating moments. Help me look into the future and not the past.

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A 365 Day Challenge Day #27

A Beautiful Aroma

Let my prayer be counted as incense before you, and the lifting up of my hands as an evening sacrifice. Psalm 141:2

In the process of selling a home, sometimes real estate agents ask their clients to bake bread just before the house is shown to a prospective buyer. Why? Research has shown that certain smells, such as fresh-baked bread or cookies, attract buyers, while other odors, such as chlorine bleach, repel them.

Did you know that your prayers actually have a beautiful aroma? The Bible describes the prayers of God’s people as “golden bowls of incense” in heaven carried by the angels into the presence of God. God loves the smell of your prayers. What you share from your heart is honored in heaven and long remembered by God.

There isn’t anything you need to off to make your prayers more attractive; they already are beautiful to God because they come from an honest and sincere heart. It’s eloquence of the spirit not vocabulary that matters to God. Trying to impress Him is a useless exercise. He hears and He answers because He cares deeply about you.

God, what is on my heart today is…

I woke up this morning with a lot in my heart. I was grateful God answer prayers. I have been asking for closure on an ongoing matter in my life and just this week I received a letter. It wasn’t closure but, it’s the beginning of the end, and I was very happy. In my heart today I’m asking God to see me through. I need this to be resolved and soon.


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