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Not a performance


A 365 Days Challenge Day #16

Not a performance

Many people are concerned that they don’t know the right words to say when they pray. But Jesus assures us that prayer is not a performance that will be graded, but instead a moment to be shared. ” Go into a hiding place and pray,” Jesus says. No one needs to watch your prayers and give their seal of approval.

In a healthy family, children don’t recite a script when addressing their parents; they just open their mouths and the words tumble out. In a happy marriage, spouses often speak to each other in cryptic, incomplete sentences. Their words would make little sense to someone on the outside, but, between the two of them, there’s a world of meaning.

The best prayers are not necessarily the most eloquent, but rather the most heartfelt. The syntax and grammar of prayer are honestly and humility. Anyone, anytime can let go of pride and bow his or her heart before God. That posture of the heart gives all of us equal footing with God.

Heavenly Father, it’s easiest for me to talk to You when…

The easiest time and place is the comfort of my home. Just this morning as I was getting ready for church I was in a big argument with my closet because half of my clothes didn’t fit and the other half is too big. So I stopped to look at the time and noticed I was getting late, and thought to myself. What’s more important? Me getting or even going to church? or looking good? Dressing all up? I believe it’s what I’m going there for, and what my heart is feeling, my humility, not my pride, and certainly not my looks. The outside shouldn’t matter. If going to a place to talk to God, I need to look better than someone than I don’t want to go there. I shouldn’t feel like that. I need to look and feel my best but not for others. So the comfort of my home is my best place.



A 365 Days Challenge Day #17

Our Father in Heaven

Prayers flows out of relationship. It is your connection with God that creates your conversation with God. As you come into relationship with Him, you experience Him not as some remote deity, but as your loving Father who deeply cares about you.

Earthly fathers can be awesome, aloof, abusive, or absent altogether. Your relationship with your biological or adoptive father may have been less than perfect. But things are different with Father God.He is always there for you. He understands. He always has time for you. He never forgets, never fails to keep a promise. He will encourage you and never put you down. In this relationship you can be yourself because He is here to coach you into fulfilling your true potential. When it comes time for correction, your heavenly Father always acts with kindness, never with the heavy hand of condemnation.

Knowing God’s great care for you as your Father frees you to bring anything that is on your heart to him. He will care for you.

Lord God, when I think of You as my Father, I…

When I think of you I remember you always have time for me.
You never forget me, You never fail me, You always keep a promise, you encourage me.
You will Never put me down. You will forever LOVE ME for who I AM.

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