A 365 Days Challenge Day #8 Celebrating God’s Presence¬† Suppose you had the opportunity to sit down with Jesus Christ in the flesh and talk with Him about anything you wanted to talk about. You could ask Him any questions, discuss any topic, share any stories, consider any plans, laugh at any jokes for asContinue reading “Celebrating”

Stay Close and Keep me Strong .

A 365 Days Challenge Day #7 A Time for Prayer Prayer is a wonderful way to start your day. For a morning person what could be better? Making prayer part of your morning routine sets the tone for your entire day. But morning isn’t the only opportunity available to you. God is always available, andContinue reading “Stay Close and Keep me Strong .”

I just gotta say this…

A 365 Days Challenge Day #6 A Place for Prayer The great thing about meeting with God is that you can meet Him anywhere. He can be found on the factory floor just as readily as He can be experienced in a cathedral. If you could find a way to travel to the most distantContinue reading “I just gotta say this…”

Pray Without Quitting

A 365 Days Challenge Day #5 Pray Without Quitting Does it seem your prayers have gone unanswered? Never give up. Find new ways to pray, and discover new ways to see your circumstances. This requires a combination of teachability and persistence. If your prayers are answered in a way different than you expect, ask GodContinue reading “Pray Without Quitting”

Whatever path you travel, and wherever it may lead… go in Peace.

A 365 Days Challenge Day #4 God’s Abiding Presence Where does God live? While it is true that God lives in a high and holy place as king of heaven, it is also true that God is near those who understand that they need Him. God hangs out with the humble. He spends His timeContinue reading “Whatever path you travel, and wherever it may lead… go in Peace.”

Forgive even if they are not Sorry

A 365 Days Challenge Day #3 Reconciliation Think about how good it feels when a conflict is resolved and friendship is restored. That’s what God wants for each of us. When we iron out our differences with others and renew those friendships, we open the door for deeper intimacy with God in prayer. How doContinue reading “Forgive even if they are not Sorry”