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7 Days #Photography challenge 

What’s something special you see daily, but never paid attention long enough to really appreciate what you’re looking at? In this case, it’s not my husband. It’s myself ūüôā I’ve lived a life that I know many people wouldn’t survive it. I know half would give up at the beginning. The other half would maybe try and last halfway. I’m sure there are many and many women’s out there that has suffered or is suffering all or worse than I have. I pray to God to give you strength. It’s not easy. I know!
My mother today at 68 stills has to work to take care of herself otherwise she doesn’t have the income to live on. She has 2 daughters that can’t afford to pay for her living. Sad story.
She has worked so hard her whole life ever since she was little and for what? Today she is still working and not living. ¬†That’s why I always say live now if you can. This time will never come around again.
Today’s picture inspired me because I’ve been a fighter.

  • I’ve fought child abuse.
  • I’ve fought mentally and verbally abuse
  • I’ve fought my fears
  • I’ve fought self-esteem
  • I’ve fought depression
  • I’ve fought suicide
  • I’ve fought PTSD
  • I fought drugs
  • I fought alcohol
  • I fought an alcoholic father
  • I fought murder
  • I’ve fought adultery
  • I’ve fought unfaithfulness
  • I’ve fought being sick
  • I’ve been fighting my weight
  • I’ve been fighting my sickness
  • I’ve been fighting this world

This world will not bring us better things, from here on it will only be worst. Some of these things I’m still fighting daily like PTSD. Depression. Etc. Some stuff you can never get rid of it. It’s a constant battle.

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Doing Super Salad Recipes the Right Way ( #foodie )

Perfect Salad

Perfect Salad 

1/2 zucchini into small pieces
5 cherry tomatoes in 4
10 dried tomatoes
1 Lightly cooked broccoli
4 radishes sliced
5 black and green olives
1 bunch of arugula
1 half pineapple into thin slices 4
2 boiled eggs cut into 4
Cooked pumpkin into small pieces

Arrange all the greens, then the cooked and sliced raw, and garnish the dish.
Sprinkle with olive oil and flax seeds.

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Challenge — My Style Secrets :)

Me at age 7

Let’s do a little Challenge here today… Posting a throw back Thursday Before and Now ¬†photo Challenge.
Who’s in? ūüôā Come on let’s do this… hehehe
I received some of my old childhood photos from my mother when she went to our hometown ” Brazil ” to visit, and when she came back with all these beauty ūüėģ I had big surprises to see all my modeling days hahahahahaha

I really don’t know what she was thinking LOL I would have left these photos hidden hahahah.

I still like to believe I have some type of Fashion in me … didn’t I ? What do you think?

The memories I have left from those days in another hand is something I hate to remember. Lets not even go there.
Anyways, this photo above was taken at one of our homes in Rio De Janeiro Brazil.

I think what was in my mind was ” Hey look at me I’m beautiful ” LOL
I love looking at old photos just as long as they don’t have my big head in them ..

Today This is who I am a simple lady. I love to shop and get dressed and look my best no doubt about that.
I absolutely love make-up and fashion. Even though I don’t dress myself the best I can, I can still coordinate very well ūüôā
The only reason I don’t do it to myself is because I haven’t reached my weight goal ūüôā
Feeling confident plays, a big role in being a fashionista. I can dress other people, design, and put awesome outfits together. But when it comes to myself, I chicken out and dress simple usually dark colors. I do go wild on my makeups though. I picked a few for you to take a look. Thanks for taking the time and hey, share with me what you think xoxo


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* New Year * 2015

For this new year, my model was. 

The Year Doesn’t Change, you¬†have to change. ¬†Nothing will change in your life if you don’t decide for yourself to change. You can’t expect¬†January 1st to come and go and your life to change¬†dramatically¬†from day to night just because it’s a new year. If you don’t get up and do something about¬†your life everything will remain the same. And if you have confidence and¬†believe that God is with you at all times, he is there to help you, to give you strength, to guide you through it all. To help you daily. Slowly. Never be scared of what others can do to us.

We can confidently say, ” The Lord is my helper; I will not fear; what can man do to me? Hebrews 13:6¬†

Yes,¬†I have to lose 40 pounds – let me sit around and wait for January 1st of 2016 maybe I’ll be skinny. yeah ok. of course not. I have to work hard to¬†achieve that goal. If I sit around by that time, I’ll be needing to lose 400 lbs. but if I add to my mind that God start great work in my life and his plan is to finish it, He will.¬†

I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus. Philippians 1:6 

Don’t let yourself get so into all these resolution promises and forget your life, and your family, and live your happiness. Believe all you can do.

I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength. Philippians 4:13 

Yes,¬†make plans, making plans and goals for your life is essential, you need them.¬†Otherwise, you will be confused and¬†disorganized,¬†a complete mess. ¬†I love to be organized and clean and have everything in place. That’s just how I am, too bad it doesn’t always work that way. LOL. Don’t let the negativity in life ever bring you down. Always try to smile and be happy. surround yourself with people that will make you smile.

Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. Joshua 1:9

The people that make you upset or the ones that are around you are talking about others, don’t deserve your friendship,¬†most likely they are doing¬†the same behind your back. If you want to live a good life and have a fantastic year,¬†make and surround, you’re self with people you truly love.¬†

Make the most of every opportunity. Let your conversation be always full of grace. Colossians 4: 5-6

Pray for your Family and friends and¬†Have a Wonderful New Year ūüôā¬†

God Bless!!!!