The process on adopting a #rescued dog …


The process of adopting a rescued dog …

We started looking for a dog to adopt probably the beginning of October 2019 

We got rejected by the 1st shelter, we looked because we don’t currently have a pet … 

I was sad, frustrated and almost to the point of giving up.  But I decided to move on and fight for a puppy we could love and care for. 

I got a ton of offers to buy and I did consider it. But I thought to myself those puppies need a home and we can save them and give them just that a loving home. 

So why adopt and not buy? 

Not only are you giving more animals a second chance, but the cost of your adoption goes directly towards helping those shelters better care for the animals they take in!

I filled out around 6-10 applications yes, that was a lot, but I insisted.
Some of the places NEVER even got back to me to approve or deny my application.
Some got back to let me know the dog we had selected was no longer available. When I asked if there were any other dogs, I never heard back from them. 


I found this site called Great Dog Rescue New England (GDRNE) I looked at all the pets they had available and was so in love. I decided to fill out yet another application and hope for the best. 

I filled out my application on October 19th, 2019. On October 20th less than 24 hours they got back to me saying “Thank You for the application “I was so excited and happy I couldn’t wait to move forward. 

I shortly got an e-mail from J* (Very nice lady that has been helping me since) 

J* advised that the dog I had selected was no longer available she on the same e-mail sent me a photo of the brother that was still available. 


In a flash I sent the photo to all family members, and we all fell in love with him. 

I told Jennifer we would adopt the dog. 

Today is October 25th, 2019, I already spoke to Jennifer many times via e-mail text and phone call. 

She referred me to the shelter parents (An Amazing lady) and we FaceTime and I got to see our Baby. She sent me photos and videos. She has answered all the question I had.   We continued to communicate till the day Kal came home. We now have a home visit pending and we get to have the baby home on November 09, 2019 

We were so happy and amazed.. 

I will recommend to anyone looking to adopt to Look at GDRNE they are amazing.

Our Paw baby name is Kal    🐾 He is a rescued dog, so no one knows for sure his breed or age. But he looks like a Beago so that’s what we’re going to say he is lol. 

He is approximately 7 weeks old, so His Birthday is September 06, 2019 

I guarantee Kal will have a loving family and he will be loved and spoiled by all. 

A Little about a Beago …….

The Beago is a mix of two very popular dogs, the Golden Retriever and the Beagle. They are two very well-known dogs that are loved by everyone.

Because of this, the Beago is a popular hybrid dog breed that may be the perfect dog for you.

These pups were made to be a part of the family with how easy-going they are and their ability to get along with anyone and anything.

If you want a sweetheart that will be happy to see you every day and someone to play with all the time, the Beago is the right dog for you.

Follow Kal on Instagram and Find Out what he’s up to on his day to day 

Thanks For Reading 🙂

Adopt Don’t Shop  🐾


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