1 week that #iadopted

Today marks 1 week that our lives have changed forever. 🐶

Kal is adjusting well. He had a little hard time in the beginning eating and leaving his bed. but now he just wants to eat. And I mean E. A. T. 😂

This little guy eats everything he sees in front of him. (Grass. Leaves. Furniture. Etc.)

He loves sleeping. My couch is his favorite spot.

He’s quiet. Doesn’t bark too much.

Has started sneezing a little. (Winter in NE no surprise there)

He sits every time he sees a treat. (Without anyone even asking lol)

Some days he goes up to the door when he needs to go outside.

So far, we had only 2 accidents in the house.

We see the Vet in 11/29

Overall, a good boy and we love him so much.


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