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iPhone 6s Plus Screen Protector @SpigenWorld #ReviewsWithElly


 iPhone 6s Plus Screen Protector, Spigen® (3 PACK) iPhone 6 Plus / 6s Plus [3D Touch Compatible- Tempered Glass] Most Durable [Easy-Install Wings] Glass Screen Protector [Life Warranty] – SGP11786 (Wireless Phone Accessory)
The iPhone 6s plus screen protector from spigen is perfect. I really mean this when I say perfect. I’ve tried many screen protectors and they all failed right from the start.
When I received it in the mail it came in a secure package. The item in the box is a total of three protectors, cleaning cloth and wet wipes for cleaning the phone before you add the protector on.
I loved it right away because it’s easy to use with comprehensive instructions, and it looked really clean and smudge free. It leaves no bubbles and that was the best part. It’s also all that it says on the description.
The price for the pack is $22.99 and it’s worth the money. I did drop the phone face down a week after I installed the protector and all that happened was a little small crack on the protector nothing to my actual phone. I would buy this again when I need to.
( I received this product as a discount/free for my unbiased opinion )












Photo courtesy Michelle W.

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7 ideas to learn how to #BudgetWithElly


As the family grows,  your cost will increase, and you will always seems to have something new that will come up.

It’s easy to lose track. Here are some tips on how to save money for a greatter achievements in life: the house, the car, the trip, a special gift, a smooth retirement …

1. Record all your expenses for a month To be able to save, you need to know how you are spending the money. It sounds simple and obvious, but it isn’t. Over the next month, mark all your expenses. You don’t need a complicated spreadsheet. A little notebook will do. Write all small expenses, such as  tips or just that cup of coffee. Get ready for some surprises. That sacred coffee every day, or a daily bottle of water, may represent more than $90 per month, or $1080 per year (and $ 10,800 in ten years! Considerable savings). And the outfit you got for your child, those cute ones you cannot resist? If paid with a credit card, calculate an increase of 20+ percent, at least on top of the sticker price. It’s what it will cost you if you fail to pay the invoice total that month. You do not need to give up your daily dose of coffee, or hydration, or fail to dress your child in super cute clothes. All you have to do is just weigh in all the spending. A bottle of water can come full from home, for example. As for the clothes, wait for sales or clarence  and give yourself a spending limit whenever you start buying. Knowing where the money goes every month, you will have a better idea of ​​where to cut to save for the future.

2. Put yourself first. It may not make much sense at first, but the secret to start saving is to “pay” first. No, it’s not for you to buy the first blouse you see on display.  Think about a realistic amount of long-term goals (like changing the car, make that treatment, saving for emergencies, a vacation), and then “pay” early in the month, separating the money in another account. If you wait until the end of the month to see how much left to save after all mandatory expenses, you will realize that there is nothing left, because it is almost always the case for everyone.
The best way to make payments is to schedule automatic transfers from your bank account to another account or an investment. That way it will make you save. You can create, for example, two accounts: one for a long-term goal, such as saving for retirement or emergencies, and one for your dream closest consumption (the trip, the car etc.). Set the transfer to close the day you receive the salary. The cool thing is to create a routine, as if it was as mandatory as paying the electric bill. Later in the month, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that a portion of the salary is already saved for something really constructive. Economists say that an emergency fund should have the equivalent of six months of total expenses. If you have managed to gather that amount, you may even start saving for retirement.

3. Pay off your debts Yes, paying your debts is the best way to save money. The interest rate charged on overdrafts or credit card is much higher than the profit of any investment. Get rid of your debts first, especially credit card, so you can start saving money. If you have late payments, contact the company or bank to see if you can negotiate a settlement. Do not wait, untill you have all the money to pay off the debt. Find out how to pay it off  as soon as possible, even if it has to be little by little.
If it is for you to have some debt, let it be to finance a home. Yes this is a debt that is worth it.
For the car payment, you can do the following: when you finally finish paying, instead of rushing to exchange model and pick up a new provision, pretend that the booklet is not over. Continue paying the same amount for a time, only for yourself, in a separate account. So you will earn enough money to make a better deal, giving greater input and achieving a lower performance, with less interest.

4. Take one goal at a time and be strong! Choose an object of desire, something you want very much. It may be a new sofa, an electronic device, a trip. Calculate how much it will cost and trace a realistic goal, like saving for six or twelve months to achieve. To motivate, spread photos and advertisements of this desired item everywhere (at work, at home, within the portfolio). Whenever thinking about buying something, ask yourself if you want it as much as you want your big goal, the one for which you are saving.


5. Make the withdrawals hard Search for alternatives applications that are not ready or available to move. Funds with automatic withdrawals when the current account is negative doesn’t work – it is very easy to end up with no savings in a moment of excitement or necessity. Make separate accounts, or apply in investment rules which do not allow automatic withdrawals, or that deem certain work redemptions (such as CDs).

6. Did you receive a money did not expect? Save it! You received a refund of income tax, a bonus at work or some unexpected money? First, resist with all their might to spend that’s the first impulse. If you can resist for a few days, it’ll be much easier to appreciate the extra money. If you’re still having some debt, use that money to reduce it (pay the most from the car financing or own home, for example). All Credit card debts have priority! Second comes the overdraft. It won’t cost you anything to try and talk to the bank manager to see if there’s an easier way to pay. If you do not have a debt, save the money in that special account different from the day to day account, for something that really matter.

7. Rethink the spendings with a car If you have a car, write down all the expenses you have with it. Say that car is practically a child, and it’s true. From property taxes, insurance, financing, fuel, parking, tolls, licensing, washing and repairs, you may be surprised at the amount of expenses annually.
There are people who realize that life becomes even easier without the car (or just one car for couples). Even if for you the car is essential, take it easy with the spending. Leave the car at home whenever you can. Walk to the supermarket and use the delivery service at home. To concentrate their business in the same region. Take the car to solve several things at once, And do the math. In large cities is more expensive to park a car than going back and forth in a taxi, depending on distance. And spending on toll and fuel can surpass that amount of a bus ticket – and even plane.


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Coupon Thursday #BudgetWithElly


 Coupons Save Money on Must-Have Items
It’s not like I could stop buying toilet paper, so I might as well save money on it.

Coupons Help You Try New Products
Coupon+sale=a chance to try something new without spending a lot of money.

Some Coupons Get You Free Goods!
I’ve received free toothpaste etc, by combining a coupon with a sale.

Coupons Help Manage Food Costs
If you’re trying to save money on food but want to buy more fresh, coupons can help you manage the costs.

Coupons Save Money on More than Groceries
I’ve received coupons to clothing stores, restaurants, and local services.

Couponing takes time, effort, and patience, but anyone can do it.

( A few tips I learned from a mom )


I love good deals 🙂

Pizza Hut

Coupon 1

Coupon 2

Coupon 3

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#BudgetWithElly the @DaveRamsey Style

Let’s start today with what I did to become frugal and try to be Debt free.
My husband inspired me by listening to ” The Dave Ramsey Show ” and he came home one day and said, can you listen to this guy I think he’s awesome. I decided to listen to Dave Ramsey for the first time and I thought to myself. Can we do this? Can we really be debt free? Is it possible to pay over $10k of credit card bills and actually live like ” No One else, so later in life we can live like no one else? __ Dave Ramsey”

So, who is this Dave anyways?
Dave Ramsey is a personal money management expert, radio talk show host and TV personality who over the years has helped thousands of people become debt free and change their financial lives.

Before I started to listen to Dave, we had to make a decision, to either listen and apply or don’t do it at all. I started to believe we could and believed in GOD we could do it. AM I there? no! not yet, but we have a lot less to go. 🙂

We started with Dave Ramsey’s baby steps that are

Baby Step 1 – $1,000 to start an Emergency Fund
Baby Step 2 – Pay off all debt using the Debt Snowball
Baby Step 3 – 3 to 6 months of expenses in savings
Baby Step 4 – Invest 15% of household income into Roth IRAs and pre-tax retirement
Baby Step 5 – College funding for children
Baby Step 6 – Pay off home early
Baby Step 7 – Build wealth and give!
we are obviously not anywhere close to where we would like to be, but we will get there.
We had to make some sacrifice, especially at the beginning. It’s not easy because it requires sacrifice. And it’s not a lot of fun. We started less than a year ago.
So, I decided to start looking at all the ways I could save, and I started doing the frugal mom thing (Coupons) I save over $200 a month just on coupons alone. Some people are embarrassed to use them, I’m not simple as that. they are there to help you and you’re not stealing from someone, So why not?


A lot of people talk about how to change their financial lives but never touch on the fact that if you or your spouse isn’t ready to change, it isn’t going to happen. You have to want to change.
His plan might not be perfect for everyone, but it does point everyone in the right direction.
What is your life’s purpose? When you find it, you’ll find the motivation you need to live according to your financial plan, even when it’s tough. Making these steps require a budget. In order to succeed with these bigger goals, you’ve got to make it work day-by-day. Paying off your debt snowball requires snowflakes. And you and your spouse need to regularly communicate.
Give it a try, visit the Dave Ramsey site and other budgeting sites and get started. Believe me, It’s never too late 🙂



#Coupon Thursday

The basics to couponing, combining coupons with store sales to get the best deal and stocking up when the product is at its lowest price.

just like everything in life, it takes money to make money and couponing is no different.

My CVS trip today total $170 I paid $58 

Jo-Ann Fabric 20% 40% 50% Off

$10 Off $25 @JcPenney

Yankee Candle B1G1 ( buy 1 get 1 free )

29% off $40 Carters

Don’t forget to print these ones 🙂 Happy Shopping



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Frugal Tuesday #MomsOnABudget

What’s being frugal? Being on a Budget? Saving Money?

I never cared about those phrases until I became a SAHM and the income became lower than expected.

I was the type of person that always thought couponing was crazy and everyone exaggerates Until I became a couponer funny how things change. Now I’m ” addicted ” to saving $$. I think I’m doing pretty good at it, of course with much more to learn. There are great sites/blogs out there that will teach you how and where to save more and more.

I started following a few blogs, collecting coupons printable, digitals, and codes.

I just started my pile of stuff. Yes, some people will say that’s ridiculous, why buy all that stuff? Well, for starts I only buy 2-4 of each thing I don’t exaggerate like a lot of people think. I won’t say like a lot of people, because it’s really not an exaggeration.

If you think about it buys in bulk will help you save more.

I will post some of my deals at the end of this post and you will see how it really helps.

I also love the fact I can help out others in need. I have a few people on my list that I just give things to, because they are in need. I’ve been there and know how that feels. Especially when you have kids.

My favorite place to shop is @CVS and now that I just found out about jet.com I will look forward to more savings shopping there. I just got introduced to the site and they offer either a 20% off or $15 off and the prices are lower than in any stores, plus you get the products shipped right to your door and for free. (If you spend $36)

These are my firsts CVS runs

I did Good on my savings 🙂 at CVS and you can too.

Make sure you have a CVS card, get coupons added on to it by visiting CVS.com at the store there’s a machine you can scan your card and print the coupons.

Now with these coupons you can use the ones that come in the newspaper on top of the store savings.  On every item, you see extra bucks reward you can do 2 transactions get the EB and use on next purchase.  Looking for the items that are on sale is always a plus 🙂 Happy Savings everyone.

**** A Must Read ****
Coupon Wizard

**** Print These ****
Coupons 1
Coupons 2
Coupons 3
Coupons 4