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Frugal Tuesday #MomsOnABudget

I am NOT an “Extreme Couponer” or “One of Those People”. I am a mom and a wife, who cares enough about her family to learn how to do this. ___Mel

What’s being frugal? Being on a Budget? Saving Money?

I never cared about those phrases until I became a SAHM and the income became lower than expected.

I was the type of person that always thought couponing was crazy and everyone exaggerates Until I became a couponer funny how things change. Now I’m ” addicted ” to saving $$. I think I’m doing pretty good at it, of course with much more to learn. There great sites/blogs out there that will teach you how and where to save more and more.

I started following a few blogs, collecting coupons printable, digitals, and codes.

I just started my pile of stuff. Yes some people will say that’s ridiculous, why buy all that stuff? Well, for starts I only buy 2-4 of each thing I don’t exaggerate like a lot of people think. I won’t say like a lot of people, because it’s really not an exaggeration.

If you think about it buys in bulk will help you save more.

I will post some of my deals at the end of this post and you will see how it really helps.

I also love the fact I can help out others in need. I have a few people on my list that I just give things to, because they are in need. I’ve been there and know how that feels. Specially when you have kids.

My favorite places to shop is @CVS and now that I just found out about jet.com I will look forward to more savings shopping there. I just got introduced to the site and they offer either a 20% off or $15 off and the prices are lower than in any stores, plus you get the products shipped right to your door and for free. ( If you spend $36 )

These are my firsts CVS runs

1 Colgate Optic White toothpaste – $2.99 2 Colgate Advanced white toothpaste – $6.00 1 Colgate Total Mouth Wash – $5.99 1 CVS Brand Gentle tape – $ 3.19 Total = $18.17 +tax $ .70 used 7 Manufactures coupons and CVS Coupons Total was $11.85 total savings – $6.32
2 Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner $8.00 2 Herbal Essences Shampoo and conditioner $6 2 SoftSoap Bodywash $7.00 1 Dove Men care body wash $7.99 2 Dove exfoliate Bodywash $8.99 each 1 Dove men’s dry spray $7.99 1 Dove deodorant $6.49 2 Dove women’s dry spray $5.29 each 2 Loreal Shapoo and conditioner $5.29 each 1 Jergens skin moisturizer $7.49 1 Axe deodorant $5.79 2 Dove Shampoo and conditioner $5.29 each Used 15 coupons from newspaper and Extra Bucks plus store discounts This bill came out to $119.00 I paid $71.40
This was my biggest save * 2 Febreze $8.38 * 1 2L Coke (not on photo ) $1.10 * 2 Maybelline Fitme Foundations $16.98 * 1 Theraflu syrup $8.49 This all cost $43.44 I paid $13.91

I did Good on my savings 🙂 at CVS  and you can too..

Make sure you have a CVS card, get coupons added on to it by visiting CVS.com at the store there’s a machine you can scan your card and print the coupons.

Now with these coupons you can use the ones that come in the newspaper on top of the store savings.  On every item, you see extra bucks reward you can do 2 transactions get the EB and use on next purchase.  Looking for the items that are on sale is always a plus 🙂 Happy Savings everyone.

**** A Must Read ****
Coupon Wizard

**** Print These ****
Coupons 1
Coupons 2
Coupons 3
Coupons 4

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