“An Undeserved Love” #MomBlogger

I watched the sippy cup leave my hands and had an “out of body” moment. Out-of-body me stood there looking at sippy-cup-thrower me with that judgy-side-eye thinking “Really, you’ve stooped this low?” The sippy of juice splattered across the kitchen wall and my kids stood there as dumbfounded as I was when I realized IContinue reading ““An Undeserved Love” #MomBlogger”

“How to Offer Real Comfort” #MomBlogger

“How to Offer Real Comfort” What brings you real comfort in a place of deep suffering and trial? Does someone telling you, “It will be all right,” “I believe God will bring healing,” “You’re a strong person, I know you will get through this,” or “I’ll pray you get better and that this will allContinue reading ““How to Offer Real Comfort” #MomBlogger”

My Hero .. I call her mom. #HappyMothersDay 

My mother. My Hero. Raised her daughters with dignity and respect. All by herself. Till this day she struggles to make us happy. She has suffered for so many years. I pray to God everyday to keep you safe. I love you more than words can say.  Before I was myself you made me, me.Continue reading “My Hero .. I call her mom. #HappyMothersDay “