Masterlist of Bullet Journal Ideas #MomBlogger

Masterlist of Bullet Journal Ideas 1. Books To Read- Color them in as you go! Or make a fun list of them and check them off one at a time. 2. All About Me- Make doodles of things you love, add quotes, draw yourself! 3. Future Log- There are so many ways to make thisContinue reading “Masterlist of Bullet Journal Ideas #MomBlogger”

The Invisible War #Depression

Depression can be experienced at many levels and for many different reasons. It’s rarely an easy thing to get out of depression. And, of course, there is a difference between being depressed and living in depression. Something may go differently than you had hoped and you feel depressed. But when your choices and your lifeContinue reading “The Invisible War #Depression”

To the Depressed and Suicidal: I Know How It Feels

To all that are struggling with depression, I don’t know you. I don’t know who you are or where you’re from. I don’t know your background, nor do I know your unique circumstances. I don’t know if your depression is the result of your genetic disposition, or if it is caused by something terrible thatContinue reading “To the Depressed and Suicidal: I Know How It Feels”