When Life Gives you lemon 🍋

There are definitely times when bad things happen so Good things can come your way. I’m a true believer of ” Everything happens for a reason. ” either it’s a good or bad one. Last year I was living a life that I would come home every day shower and sleep. To wake up inContinue reading “When Life Gives you lemon 🍋”


      “Memories” Tattered ’round the edges, And faded now with time; Memories that linger still, Are what they left behind. Like a precious package, Kept in a secret room, Each memory a treasure, A family heirloom. On rare and quiet occasions The package opens wide; revealing then the memories, That nestle there inside.Continue reading “#PhotographyChallenge”


January 22- Day 11 – Something Blue My new shoes I just got at Kohls on sale for a very good price 🙂  January 23- Day 12 – Sunset  A drive by the lake on a cold day  24- Day 13 – yourself with 13 things ( Didn’t have the time or the 13 thingsContinue reading “#PhotographyChallenge”

#PhotoaDay Challenge

It is not necessary It is not necessary to improve your appearance, get a lot of culture, raise the heels of your shoes, or make more noise. We need to reduce the noise, walk more slowly, pay attention to those arriving, lower our heads and put the humility to work. We are big, when weContinue reading “#PhotoaDay Challenge”


#30DayPhoto     I started a 30-day photo challenge and only did a day one. Didn’t get to keep going. My days have been so busy I can’t keep up with all I’ve set up myself to do. I started way too many challenges and I never finish LOL. I wanted to upload all the imagesContinue reading “#PhotoAdAy”

30 Day #Photography Challenge

  I decided to start this challenge 🙂 who wants in? There was a point in my life that I was a ” professional ” photographer and it was one of  my favorite thing to do. I use to photograph weddings, models, birthday parties, and etc. Due to illness, I had to stop doing whatContinue reading “30 Day #Photography Challenge”