There is a time and a place

A 365 Days Challenge Day #11 Pray Aloud There is a time and a place for silent prayer ___ in a library, on a bus, in school, and in many other settings where talking out loud to God might not be appropriate. But praying aloud should be part of your daily routine if at allContinue reading “There is a time and a place”

Taste and see…

A 365 Days Challenge Day #10 Blind faith has never been a requirement for following God. The so-called  leap of faith is really only a small hop, like stepping across a little mud puddle, not a suicide jump across a canyon of impossibility. God allows us to verify his existence by looking into the heavensContinue reading “Taste and see…”

Walk Away With me

A 365 Days Challenge Day #9 Good and Great  Great are the works of the Lord, studied by all who delight in them.  Psalm 111:2 NRSV Little children sometimes learn the dinner prayer, ” God is great. God is good. Let us thank Him for our food.” This simple prayer contains profound truth. God isContinue reading “Walk Away With me”

The Cutest way To Eat and Sleep

He wants to sleep, but his way too hungry for that. His really tired, but his hunger won’t allow him to sleep. See how this most adorable baby can not sleep, because he is hungry … or he can not eat because he is sleepy? It looks like he’s fighting against sleep to be ableContinue reading “The Cutest way To Eat and Sleep”


A 365 Days Challenge Day #8 Celebrating God’s Presence  Suppose you had the opportunity to sit down with Jesus Christ in the flesh and talk with Him about anything you wanted to talk about. You could ask Him any questions, discuss any topic, share any stories, consider any plans, laugh at any jokes for asContinue reading “Celebrating”

Stay Close and Keep me Strong .

A 365 Days Challenge Day #7 A Time for Prayer Prayer is a wonderful way to start your day. For a morning person what could be better? Making prayer part of your morning routine sets the tone for your entire day. But morning isn’t the only opportunity available to you. God is always available, andContinue reading “Stay Close and Keep me Strong .”