Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Financial Life #BudgetWithElly

By improving our financial lives, we also increased our happiness, in general. For this reason, I find important to share some tips and tricks that really works (at least for me). I’m almost in the best moment of my financial life. because of the steps of Dave Ramsey. Also because we know how to handleContinue reading “Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Financial Life #BudgetWithElly”

The art of living well #ButgetWithElly

  Do not demand from others what they can not give you, but expect each of their responsibilities. Be sure to enjoy pleasure, but do no harm anyone. Do not take more than you need, but fight for your rights. Do not look at people with your eyes only, but look with their eyes asContinue reading “The art of living well #ButgetWithElly”

Coupon Thursday #BudgetWithElly

     Coupons Save Money on Must-Have Items It’s not like I could stop buying toilet paper, so I might as well save money on it. Coupons Help You Try New Products Coupon+sale=a chance to try something new without spending a lot of money. Some Coupons Get You Free Goods! I’ve received free toothpaste etc, byContinue reading “Coupon Thursday #BudgetWithElly”

Review Monday with @NIVEAUSA #BudgetWithElly

Monday is another review day. Last week I reviewed the Dollar Shave Club their prices are great, but the product not so much. 😦 Today I want to review the Nivea Shower Lotion Nivea in-shower body lotion is a convenient way to moisturize your skin while you are in the shower. There is no need toContinue reading “Review Monday with @NIVEAUSA #BudgetWithElly”