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The art of living well #ButgetWithElly



Do not demand from others what they can not give you, but expect each of their responsibilities.
Be sure to enjoy pleasure, but do no harm anyone.
Do not take more than you need, but fight for your rights.
Do not look at people with your eyes only, but look with their eyes as well.
Don’t always teach , you can learn more.
Do not be discouraged before failure, but overcome it transforming it into learning.
Do not take advantage of anyone who tries so hard, he may be doing what you did not do.
Do not ruin a different program with your bad mood, discover the joy of new things.
Do not let life slip away from the faucet it may be missed by others …

Love can absorb much suffering, but not the lack of respect to yourself!
If you want the best of people, give them as much of yourself, since life has given you so much.
Anyway, always be thankful forever because gratitude opens the door of the heart.


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