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Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Financial Life #BudgetWithElly


By improving our financial lives, we also increased our happiness, in general. For this reason, I find important to share some tips and tricks that really works (at least for me).

I’m almost in the best moment of my financial life. because of the steps of Dave Ramsey. Also because we know how to handle money, not having debts, by saving and investing as much as we can.

Here are some tips and tricks that works for us (doesn’t necessarily work for everyone). Share what your tips in savings are in the comments!

#1. Use money

Rather than buying things with credit or debit cards, use cash for everyday expenses like eating out, fuel or supermarket.

Spending money makes the spending more real, and you still have the advantage of knowing exactly when the money runs out, avoiding spending more than you have.

#2. Stay home

Often going out makes you more likely to spend unnecessarily. Eating at  restaurants, going shopping, stoping at convenience stores for snacks. It is hard to avoid spending when you’re on the street.

Instead, stay home and find ways to entertain without spending. It is also a great way to be with your family.

# 3. Keep a “list of the 30 days”

If you often buy on impulse something that absolutely is not a need, go put it on the “list of the 30 days.”

You can not buy anything beyond what is necessary – anything beyond that goes to the list, with the date it was registered.

After thirty days, you can buy – but, most often, the anxiety to buy has passed, and you can evaluate the actual need more calmly.

# 4. Do exercises

Staying healthy is the best way to avoid medical expenses in the future.

# 5. Often talk to your partner

It is important that you and your partner are financially aligned. You should have the same financial goals, and from there on you must share the same spending plan and policy to avoid impulse purchases.

Make sure you both know what the monthly expenses are, how is the bank balance, among other things. A simple weekly conversation of 20 minutes is enough.

Communication is essential.


# 6. Record all income and expenses

There are expensive software like Microsoft Money, Quicken, etc., which can do wonders to your financial information. There are also some that are free to both desktop and online, they also do the same things.

The problem is that I do not need it all. All I need is a way to track my money easily, no hustle, and the ability to access that data virtually, so that I can update them from anywhere.

An excellent way to really use is Google Drive (formerly Google Docs and Spreadsheets), who use Gmail. But nothing prevents you to use a financial spreadsheet or even a notebook.

The important thing is to maintain that record. And do it in the simplest way possible.

# 7. Work out at home

Some may disagree with this tip, and thats no problem. You should do what ever way that works for you. But I saved enough money (over US $ 1000 per year), who used to spend on gyms and changed for walking at a park near my home.

All though we don’t all have a gym in our homes, it’s still cheaper to buy some weights to work out at home, or even practice walking / running somewhere nearby. An academy is honestly not necessary.

# 8. Cancel your cable TV

I’m not saying you should stop watching TV – I even watch movies and football games regularly, for example.

The difference is that I’m sure I’m watching something I really want, instead of useless programs we see on TV most of the time.

In addition, there are enough online content, free and good quality.

# 9. Donate, lend and borrow

Get rid of excess things in your home, you not only make your life much simpler and quiet, but also will become much harder to buy things that will just lay around again.

Once your home is organized (and simplified), you will not want to go back.

Also, donate books, clothes and toys you no longer need. If you need something (a book, for example), send e-mail to your friends or post on Facebook asking if anyone has it. There is the chance of someone close by having it and give it to you for free if they don’t use it anymore.

# 10. Find happiness in life, not on spending

Often, people buy things because they think (perhaps unconsciously) that this will bring happiness. “I have to have those clothes or buy that car,” some think. So they buy what they want it to be, and are happy only for a few days.

Then they need to buy more. And it becomes a no yes cycle.

Instead, learn to value life. Find fun in the people around you. In doing something you really love. In exercising.

There is so much in life that make us happy, it is not necessary to try to find happiness in spending.

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