Family Love


My Baby boy is turning  “18”  

I can’t believe how fast time has gone. My 3rd child already an adult. 😦
I’m so proud of all my kids… despite any mistake they have ever made ( not like I or anyone else never made any ) They are very good kids.
I’ve pushed my kids to always strive to do their best. Never look back or to the side and wish they’ve done anything different. Only to look forward and say I CAN DO IT BETTER.
Push hard to achieve their dreams.

As I was growing up I never had the chance to be or become what they can become. So I expect a lot out of them. I promise it’s only for their own good. I’m a strict but a ” Cool Mom ” I like things to be done right ( ok maybe sometimes perfect LOL ) But if we don’t shoot for perfection things gets lost along the way and they become messy.

I like things to get done. Don’t ever leave for tomorrow what you can do today.
It’s just the way I see it. I know I did all I could to teach my kids the right way. The best way. I have no regrets. I’m not ashamed of my past. I’ve made a lot of mistakes and today I am who I am because of my choices and the mercy of GOD. If it wasn’t for GOD I wouldn’t be here. I have no regrets on how I raised my kids. I know the way I did it, thought them how to be responsible and mature. Even though some days they don’t act like it hahaha. but they know how. That I’m sure of.
I have a relationship with my kids where I can talk to them and they can talk to me. They know they can trust me. They know I will forever and always be here for them no matter what.
There is NO ONE above them. ( not talking about GOD ) My husband feels the same way. There is no one above his kids to him either. We both have made that very clear.

We love our family more than anything in life. God has given us the opportunity to have this family. Therefor we give it our all…  ❤

Gabe will soon be 18
Isaque will be 19
Joshua will be 21

All I got to say is

THANK YOU JESUS for the opportunity you have given us to Love and Care for our family..

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