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Whatever path you travel, and wherever it may lead… go in Peace.

A 365 Days Challenge Day #4

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God’s Abiding Presence

Where does God live? While it is true that God lives in a high and holy place as king of heaven, it is also true that God is near those who understand that they need Him. God hangs out with the humble. He spends His time with those who understand how destitute they are without Him. As a follower of God, you have the promise of His presence.

Where is God right now? He stands next to you and lives inside you. This means that He is always available. Your prayers don’t need to follow some formula to reach God. They don’t need to grow wings and fly into heaven. Before they leave your lips, God has heard you.

God is always listening, always attentive, always caring for and about you. This opens the door for you to share all of life with Him. You can share your thoughts, your friends, your plans, your dreams, your fears, your small talk, your deepest hurts, and your funniest jokes.
Making contact with God is as simple as saying, ” Here I am.”

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Lord God, I want to share with you today about…

Today I want to share my happiness, My unconditional love for you. My excitement to be able to pray in your name and know that I can count on you, that I can have such a wonderful friend. A friend that loves me for who I am. Someone that knows my feelings even before I speak, someone that truly knows my heart my wants and needs. Thank you for all you have done for me. I’m thankful. I’m dependent on you Lord.



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