When Life Gives you lemon 🍋

There are definitely times when bad things happen so good things can come your way.
I’m a true believer of ” Everything happens for a reason. ” Either it’s a good or bad one.
Last year I was living a life that I would come home every day shower and sleep. To wake up in the morning and do the same thing over and over.

I liked what I was doing. Just not how it was happening. Working over 48 hrs. a week I started getting sick again. And ended up having a lot of doctor’s appointment etc.

as I was getting all these appointments, I was no longer able to put all my effort into my job.
One of the days I had to call out because of being sick. I got asked by my manager to find another job.

I couldn’t agree more with him that I needed something else.

Me and Chris always had this dream of working a Monday – Friday. 9-5pm paid holidays. And able to take time off.

The job I had obviously wasn’t allowing me to do so. And not to remind you it made me sick all over again due to stress and long hour days.

I decided to post my resume online. Hoping and praying for the best.

I decided to give my two weeks at my current job.

I remember feeling sad, annoyed and stressed.
I do have a lot of bills to pay. So, I was very worried I wouldn’t find anything.

I sent out a few applications that day.
To my surprise, I received a phone call that morning (when I had just given my 2 weeks).
It was this amazing lady (very friendly) looking for an office manager. I set the appointment for an interview.

I left that company that day in tears. I couldn’t believe what just happened.

I was so amazed. And happy I could have left there jumping up and down in joy.

I got offered a job as an office manager.
Working Monday – Friday 9-5pm. Getting paid holidays. Time off as I need it. With an amazing family. That knows how to be a boss and actually care for their employees.

True I don’t know them yet. But I have a feeling this is going to be a lifetime relationship.
I thank God daily for this opportunity a dream that came true without me even deserving it.
Ok I might deserve it 😂, but you all know what I mean? I didn’t expect it to work so fast.
I’m sitting at my desk this afternoon and all I can think about is how grateful I am. 🙂

Isaque has started a new job and it’s a great opportunity for him.

Joshua will start a new job Monday.

Gabe is doing great at his job.

Chris also got offered a job and opportunity that made him very happy. Now we have time to work and enjoy our lives.Couldn’t ask for more.

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Coupon Thursday #BudgetWithElly


 Coupons Save Money on Must-Have Items
It’s not like I could stop buying toilet paper, so I might as well save money on it.

Coupons Help You Try New Products
Coupon+sale=a chance to try something new without spending a lot of money.

Some Coupons Get You Free Goods!
I’ve received free toothpaste etc, by combining a coupon with a sale.

Coupons Help Manage Food Costs
If you’re trying to save money on food but want to buy more fresh, coupons can help you manage the costs.

Coupons Save Money on More than Groceries
I’ve received coupons to clothing stores, restaurants, and local services.

Couponing takes time, effort, and patience, but anyone can do it.

( A few tips I learned from a mom )


I love good deals 🙂

Pizza Hut

Coupon 1

Coupon 2

Coupon 3

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Doing My Before and After the Right Way #fblogger

Makeup By Elly 4Guys_1Girl

Everyone that knows me knows I love makeup and fashion. Clothes, shoes, bags, and makeup are my favorites. Now you ask me you must have a lot of it then. Actually no… I have plenty, but it’s never enough. I have enough bags; some I haven’t even used yet. Shoes I don’t have many I do need to buy some cute ones, but it’s hard to find the perfect fit comfortable and that looks good. I love the looks of many brands, but they just don’t look good on my feet I don’t know why.
Clothes I’m just starting to build up my wardrobe as I’m losing weight, I didn’t want to start buying all these outfit being 50 pounds overweight, but now that I lost some I started to.


Makeup I don’t buy anything too expensive Unless I really like it and it’s worth me paying that amount of money for it. Otherwise, I buy cheap makeup and I get the same results.
A lot of people doubted that I could do a cute makeup on a budget, so I proved them wrong. I got makeup from CVS pharmacy, and my brushes are from BHcosmetic and I did a before and after picture and this is my results.

Makeup By Elly 4Guys_1Girl

I wanted an opinion to see what you all think. I think it came out nice. The first photo I used bronzer and the last one I didn’t. Personally, now I will never leave the house without some bronzer I love it.

Makeup By Elly @4Guys_1Girl

Just to make sure you guys know, I am an amateur I do NOT know how to do makeup professionally I only do it on myself everything I know I learned by myself on myself … I got not courses or classes for it at all.

and that explins why it’s not perfect LOL

Makeup By Elly @4Guys_1Girl

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Challenge — My Style Secrets :)

Me at age 7

Let’s do a little Challenge here today… Posting a throw back Thursday Before and Now  photo Challenge.
Who’s in? 🙂 Come on let’s do this… hehehe
I received some of my old childhood photos from my mother when she went to our hometown ” Brazil ” to visit, and when she came back with all these beauty 😮 I had big surprises to see all my modeling days hahahahahaha

I really don’t know what she was thinking LOL I would have left these photos hidden hahahah.

I still like to believe I have some type of Fashion in me … didn’t I ? What do you think?

The memories I have left from those days in another hand is something I hate to remember. Lets not even go there.
Anyways, this photo above was taken at one of our homes in Rio De Janeiro Brazil.

I think what was in my mind was ” Hey look at me I’m beautiful ” LOL
I love looking at old photos just as long as they don’t have my big head in them ..

Today This is who I am a simple lady. I love to shop and get dressed and look my best no doubt about that.
I absolutely love make-up and fashion. Even though I don’t dress myself the best I can, I can still coordinate very well 🙂
The only reason I don’t do it to myself is because I haven’t reached my weight goal 🙂
Feeling confident plays, a big role in being a fashionista. I can dress other people, design, and put awesome outfits together. But when it comes to myself, I chicken out and dress simple usually dark colors. I do go wild on my makeups though. I picked a few for you to take a look. Thanks for taking the time and hey, share with me what you think xoxo



Walking ? Or Running ?



No Gear – All you need is a sturdy pair of sneakers of comfortable shoes to sneak in short bouts all day long.

Healthy Heart – Walking is associated with a reduced risk of hypertension, high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes, according to a study of 49,000 participants at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in Berkeley, CA.

Happy Days – A walking workout can boost your mood. a study from the University of innsbruck in Austria found that 20 minutes of brisk walking had positive effects on mood and psychological well-being. The study subjects had type 2 diabetes, but researchers believe the results would translate to those without diabetes as well.

Best For – exercise newbies or those who are considerably overweight, says Fabio Comana, Ms, director of continuing education for the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Start by walking for 10 minutes four times a week adding five minutes every week. (Check with your doctor before starting any exercise regimen.)


Extra Time – No secret here: You can burn the same number of calories in half the time as walking.

Less Hunger – Running may suppress your appetite, says preliminary research from the University of Wyoming. After completing 60 minutes of walking or running, participants were invited to a buffet. the runners ate less due to an increase in an appetite-regulating hormone, due to an increase in an appetite-regulating hormone while the walkers had a bigger appetite, though more research is needed  to confirm these early findings.

More Smiles – A “runner’s high” has been chocked up to and endorphin release; a 2008 German study found that running has an opioid – like effect in the brain.

Best For – those with no heart or orthopedic issues. However, easing into a running routine is always advisable, easing into running routine is always advisable. Start by alternating four – minute bouts of walking and jogging. Each week, add an additional minute of jogging and decrease walking by one minute until you’re running from start to finish.

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* New Year * 2015

For this new year, my model was. 

The Year Doesn’t Change, you have to change.  Nothing will change in your life if you don’t decide for yourself to change. You can’t expect January 1st to come and go and your life to change dramatically from day to night just because it’s a new year. If you don’t get up and do something about your life everything will remain the same. And if you have confidence and believe that God is with you at all times, he is there to help you, to give you strength, to guide you through it all. To help you daily. Slowly. Never be scared of what others can do to us.

We can confidently say, ” The Lord is my helper; I will not fear; what can man do to me? Hebrews 13:6 

Yes, I have to lose 40 pounds – let me sit around and wait for January 1st of 2016 maybe I’ll be skinny. yeah ok. of course not. I have to work hard to achieve that goal. If I sit around by that time, I’ll be needing to lose 400 lbs. but if I add to my mind that God start great work in my life and his plan is to finish it, He will. 

I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus. Philippians 1:6 

Don’t let yourself get so into all these resolution promises and forget your life, and your family, and live your happiness. Believe all you can do.

I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength. Philippians 4:13 

Yes, make plans, making plans and goals for your life is essential, you need them. Otherwise, you will be confused and disorganized, a complete mess.  I love to be organized and clean and have everything in place. That’s just how I am, too bad it doesn’t always work that way. LOL. Don’t let the negativity in life ever bring you down. Always try to smile and be happy. surround yourself with people that will make you smile.

Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. Joshua 1:9

The people that make you upset or the ones that are around you are talking about others, don’t deserve your friendship, most likely they are doing the same behind your back. If you want to live a good life and have a fantastic year, make and surround, you’re self with people you truly love. 

Make the most of every opportunity. Let your conversation be always full of grace. Colossians 4: 5-6

Pray for your Family and friends and Have a Wonderful New Year 🙂 

God Bless!!!!

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