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How to get in the habit of Making Room

A 365 Days Challenge Day #2

The Habit of Making Room

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How do you build a relationship with God? Like a friendship or a marriage, a great relationship with God doesn’t happen all at once. You build it over time. It’s a daily process of investigating and celebrating who God is, and sharing the grit and substance of your life with Him.

To build a successful marriage, spouses must find time for one another, enjoying a walk in the park, a dinner at a restaurant, playing a board game, working on a remodeling project, or any of a hundred other activities. That will look different in every marriage. But, without that shared time, any marriage slowly dies.
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Building a relationship with God also involves taking time out for Him. That might include singing songs of praise, silently pondering God’s character, or pouring out your thoughts and feelings to Him. You might take a walk with God or invite Him to join you at work. The key isn’t so much in how you approach God, but rather in the habit of making room for Him in your everyday life.

Lord, I want to make room for you today by…

I want to make room for God by praying, reading and separating my time of daily devotion to Him. I’m challenging myself to get this done for 365 days straight. Building a healthy relationship habit  with God is what will help me reach my goal of a happy and longer life.
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