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Why Mom was Right about Bullies?


 At the park with my kid today and his dad. They were playing baseball. I was sitting at the bench, just watching my kid hit the balls with dad. These other little kids come to the field to play, and as I sit there listening to them ( remind you these kids are like 8-10 years old ) One of them becomes really angry and starts to scream at the others and say ” why do I have to be the one always called a retard, demented, no good, and horrible at everything.” He walks out of the field goes up on the bleaches and starts saying; ” I should of killed my self yesterday when I had the chance.” I quickly look over and at this point I was mouth dropped at the conversation and couldn’t believe the others didn’t say anything. So I gave the other kids the Mom Look. Like ” Hello say something this is your friend. ” 

The other kids started to try to calm him down and started talking to him and saying; ” Dude your dad got you a $300 bat do you think if you were no good he would do that? He replied:” what does that have to do with anything. You guys hate me and always call me bad names. ” I hate you. ” leave me alone and he runs away. I felt so bad I wanted to hug him, and go call this poor kids mother. My son was like ” Mom poor kid, did you see that? Those other kids are true bullies. I said yes and I told him about what he said killing himself. 


 My son was prettified. ( whatever the word is).

 I don’t know but my kids grew up in a bad world already with all this bulling crap, and I always told them. Don’t do to others what you don’t want for your self. And if anyone do it to you there’s two option. 
1. Ignore 

2. Tell someone that will make a difference 

Never seek revenge, because that will only cause more problems. I always told them try to be friends and nice to everyone. That way you will have less problems. Don’t judge anyone. 

Sometimes the Bullies might be being Bullied themselves and that’s all they know how to do because they don’t know any different. 

They don’t know what true friends are. Or love. So try to show them that it might work. 

I think all of it depends on PARENTING. 

Teach your kids to LOVE their neighbors like they love themselves. 🙂 

End of the story with that kid was, when we were about to leave we saw a parent talking to the bullies and the adult actually yelled at the kid that was being bullied because he said he wanted to kill himself.  I would of taken a different approach. 

Now I ask you. Do you think as a parent. Did his parent or the adult present do the right thing? 

Was yelling at the poor kid the right approach? 

What would you do if it was you in that situation? 

2 thoughts on “Why Mom was Right about Bullies?

  1. Wow. This breaks my heart. Looking at the situation as you shared it, I know sometimes based on a child’s behavior that we as adults tend to want to look at the surface and not dive in a little more. Hearing a child say they should have killed himself I don’t feel provokes any cause to discipline. I would be more concerned and would want to get to the bottom of why he or she felt that way. It sounds like you are teaching your kids some great things. Though I’m not happy that one boy had to experience pain, I know that pain and obstacles create opportunity for learning. Looks like it will be a learning experience for everyone involved. Thanks for sharing with us!

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    1. Growing up I had many of those issues and I wished I had a parent around to talk to me. By the way this kid parent acted for me was a big mistake.


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