#DIY Life Hacks

“Removing Scuffs from Shoes: 1. Dab the q-tip or cloth in coconut oil spread to needed area, then wipe/rub over the scuffs. I had to do this quite a bit rubbed very lightly, till it was all dissolved. Experts recommend sanitizing brushes every 15 days; Baby shampoo is great for cleaning it has to beContinue reading “#DIY Life Hacks”

iPhone 6s Plus Screen Protector @SpigenWorld #ReviewsWithElly

┬áiPhone 6s Plus Screen Protector, Spigen┬« (3 PACK) iPhone 6 Plus / 6s Plus [3D Touch Compatible- Tempered Glass] Most Durable [Easy-Install Wings] Glass Screen Protector [Life Warranty] – SGP11786 (Wireless Phone Accessory) The iPhone 6s plus screen protector from spigen is perfect. I really mean this when I say perfect. I’ve tried many screenContinue reading “iPhone 6s Plus Screen Protector @SpigenWorld #ReviewsWithElly”