Happy 19th to my son #momlife 

Today is the day back in 1997 when God decided to Bless me with a baby boy. When I held him for the first time I was overwhelmed with great joy. I remember the day I went into labor I was working and my boss kept on telling me to go to the hospital and all I could think about was to first finish my job then go to the hospital. LOL 

When I got there to my surprise no matter how bad in pain I was. I still got sent home about 4x hahaha

I was in labor for 36 hours before they decided to give me that damn Epidural. But it was all worth it at the end. Along the way, for 19 years we had some good times. A lot of good memories like ” Jesus pai de meu pai, pai de minha mãe. ” or ” olha vo sou igual uma baleia ” or ” that tree falling in Whitman ” and many many more. We also have bad memories that are not worth typing, but we all know what they are. But that doesn’t mean for a second that we are not proud of you. You have become a man a person that many wish they could be like. You bring joy into our lives and I’m so glad you are my son. I, not for a second regret that I had you. As a matter of fact, I’m a better person because I had you. No matter what mistake you made or will make you will forever be my baby boy. You and your brothers are my everything. I have lived for you 3 always remember that. ve seen too many tragedies and I love you too much to see your head that way. ❤️️ Happy Birthday !!! I love you always. 

Just a #photography recap

Because every picture tells a story… 

This last one was a photograph by my son 

I guess he takes it after his momma hahaha 

Simple Prayer 

Help me to embrace those moments when I feel truly happy, to savor them and remember them.

Help me to never take for granted the little things that make a difference in my lifeand cause me to experience such joy. 

I ask that you would grant all of you children little things to feel happy about. 

I pray that they would find important things to do for you, and that they would all know love in every possible way. 

Give them amazing things to look forward to. 

I pray for more peace in more happiness in my life and the lives of all the people I love. 

You have given us the opportunity to find happiness and to live in joy because of your beloved son.

 I pray that that kind of joy will fill the hearts of everyone I know today. 


Life is a Sweet Song

Life is a Sweet Song