Simple Prayer 

Help me to embrace those moments when I feel truly happy, to savor them and remember them.

Help me to never take for granted the little things that make a difference in my lifeand cause me to experience such joy. 

I ask that you would grant all of you children little things to feel happy about. 

I pray that they would find important things to do for you, and that they would all know love in every possible way. 

Give them amazing things to look forward to. 

I pray for more peace in more happiness in my life and the lives of all the people I love. 

You have given us the opportunity to find happiness and to live in joy because of your beloved son.

 I pray that that kind of joy will fill the hearts of everyone I know today. 


Published by EllyFilho

🌻 Elly Filho 🌻 ❥ Wife #mom of 3 Humans and a Dog ❥ 🐶 @kalthebeago 11/09/2019 ❥🇺🇸 #Boston 🇧🇷 #RioDeJaneiro ❥📚Instagram @Ellyfilho_ ❥🥀3/11/17

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