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Sturdy Metal Flag #RevviewWithElly #Promotion


Just got this weatherproof & windproof American flag & sturdy stand Garden Flag Stand Kit!

It’s a LARGE display stand: 32 inches tall, 15 inches wide, & made of sturdy, rust-free one-piece wrought iron that is powder-coated.
The fun part is that it secures any flag with a rubber stopper, bottom flag clip, & double 5.25-inch spiked posts for support.

I Loved that it’s WEATHERPROOF: The stand and flag withstood strong winds, rains, and the snow of New England without rusting or tearing.

It wasn’t hard to assemble. I did it myself within like 3 minutes, and if I did it anyone can slip the flag onto the horizontal post and adhere the rubber stopper to keep the flag from twisting or spinning around the stand.

You can secure the bottom end of the flag to the long bracket with the clip to hold it in place, I didn’t. The reason why I didn’t it was because it didn’t look right to me.


What makes the GreenWeR Garden Stand Kit so Special?
REMOVABLE flag: Depicting the red, white, and blue, the unfadeable 12-by-18 inch 150D polyester flag can be easily removed, washed, and replaced with any other same-sized flag,  WEATHERPROOF, and a
3 YEAR WARRANTY: If there are any issues, contact us & we will handle them promptly.

Kit includes:
1 Metal Stand – 32×15 inches
1 American Flag – 12×18 inches
1 Rubber Stopper
1 Anti-Wind Clip
1 Instructions

TIP: Lift the tab of the anti-wind clip UP to open. I was initially squeezing down to open clip.
I got this for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review

You can find it  here 

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