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Urgent cry of a hurting child

A 365 Day Challenge Day #20

A Shared Presence

Let us come before His presence with thanksgiving; let us shout joyfully to Him with psalms. For the Lord is the great God. Psalm 95:2-3

In courtship, a couple will probably share many different kinds of dates. Depending on their circumstances and preferences, they might go swimming together, or shopping, take a walk in a park, share a quiet meal, or go sightseeing. Some moments together will be noisy and boisterous; others will be quiet and reflective.

Your prayer journey will similarly include many different kinds of experiences with God. Sometimes you will connect with God in a noisy concert. At other times, you will share quiet moments with Him where neither of you is saying anything, but you’re both aware of and appreciating each other’s presence.

Prayer is not so much a collection of words as it is a shared presence. Inviting God into your world and giving Him the place of honor is at the center of prayer. What are you doing today? Invite God in. Allow Him to share life with you. Prayer ” dates ” can be varied and fun, just like the shared experiences of courtship.

God, today I want to invite You to join me as I…

On this day, I invited God in to join me in prayer as I fasted the full week, 7 days of fasting for a purpose that might be impossible to men.
I needed an experience with God just me and Him, so I dedicated this week to honor Him.


A 365 Day Challenge Day #21

Crying out to God

Before they call, I will answer, while they are yet speaking, I will hear. Isaiah 65:24

Even very young children quickly learn to call out for their parents when they’re hurt or afraid. In a healthy family, a responsible dad wants to be there for his children, and a good mom will drop everything to respond to the urgent cry of a hurting child. Good parents think nothing of giving this kind of attention to their children because they understand the roles they have been given.

God’s children also instinctively cry out to God in times of trouble. Self-sufficiency is great, up to a point. But all of us face troubles, dangers, and challenges that are bigger than we are. Our own resources are quickly exhausted, but God’s are not.

When you’re sick, in danger, confused, or hurting, go straight to God. While prayer doesn’t take the place of visit to the doctor, nor does it rule out taking prudent precautions, it brings God into your circumstances as you acknowledge that He can do what we cannot. When His children cry out to Him, He is quick to respond.

God, my biggest need right now is…

This week as I mentioned before I cried out in hope God would hear me. My troubles only God can help me, my circumstances only He can fix, my biggest needs, and fears right now only God can help me. I believe he has the best for me.


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