3 of my #fashion favorites from @_ShopTheMint

The @_ShopTheMint¬† are an online women’s clothing boutique offering the latest trends at amazing prices & have them delivered directly to your doorstep! I’ve neve shopped at this boutique before and to be honest never looked at their outfit till today. I’m in love! Too bad they don’t carry¬†plus sizes. They have great prices andContinue reading “3 of my #fashion favorites from @_ShopTheMint”

10 things moms do that are super annoying

10 things moms do that are super annoying. If you are a mom, or are planning on becoming one, be wary of these 10 super annoying things all moms do. 1. Moms judge women who don’t have kids Maybe not outright, maybe not very obviously, but there seems to be some secret judging in theContinue reading “10 things moms do that are super annoying”