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What do you want from me?

A 365 Day Challenge Day #24

Asking for What You Want

{God} Listens to the godly person who does his will. John 9:31 

It’s exciting to know that you, by your prayers, might shape the nature of God’s intervention into human experience. Throughout the Bible, God listens to and responds to the specific prayers of His people. On one occasion, the people of God were attacked by enemy armies. Daylight was needed for a proper defense to be made and for a lasting victory to be won. The leader of God’s people called out to God, asking that He delay the sunset long enough for their army to prevail. God had an unlimited number of options, but He let a human being decide which one He would employ.

In the same way, many times God simply waits to find out how you would like to proceed. He can do anything, but He sometimes gives you the role of deciding what that “anything” is going to look like.


When you pray in accordance with God’s will and purpose, you often set a course of action by your prayers. Don’t hesitate to figure out exactly what you want and ask God for it.

God, in accordance with Your will, I would want…

Oh! I want so many things. The real question is what do I need? Well, actually the question is in accordance with God’s will. I don’t know what God wants from or for me. Just this past week I asked him to exact this question. ” What do you want from me, God?”
I prayed for financial, my kids crashed my car. I prayed for love and peace that lovely neighbor won’t stop talking crap about me and getting on my nerves. I pray for health I get sick (or been sick for the past 2 months just getting worst)

What do you want from me, GOD?


A 365 Day Challenge Day #25

Representing God’s Interests

As a person who prays, you represent the interests of God, looking for ways to further the purpose of God in your own life and in the lives of others. Your requests stem from your understanding of God. As you see the good that God wants to do in the lives of the people He loves, you will become bold to ask Him for what might be humanly impossible.

Your love for God will give depth and meaning to your prayers. you will gravitate toward higher motivations. For example, while you could pray for a million dollars because you want a nice house and fancy cars and luxurious vacations, your love for God might instead cause you to pray for a million dollars because you want to build and staff an orphanage in Asia. same prayer__different motives.

Many Christians use the phrase, ” in Jesus’ name,” when they pray. This is a way to underscore the idea that our prayer is intended to further God’s good purposes on this earth. Our motive is to pray for His interests.

God, based on my understanding of what You want, here’s my request…

My prayer request has been simple lately.  Health, the safety of my kids, and the salvation of my family Amen!
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