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#FamilyTime Saturday Fun ( Hotel Tips )

A Cleaner hotel rooms

Get a better night’s sleep during your next hotel stay by quickly wiping down your room.
I’ve worked as a housekeeper at a hotel in Boston for a little while.

I remember very clearly my cleaning routine.
When I visit hotels today, I particularly recall how the cleaning of rooms were done.
Just the way they trained me. After training, I did my own cleaning.  Use to make sure everything got cleaned.

Typically, hotel maids have a checklist of what they’re obligated to tend to. Stripping and replacing the sheets and towels, vacuuming the floor, dusting the table tops, wiping down the sinks, and sanitizing the toilet and tub are part of the routine.

Considering the parts that probably don’t get attention, here is a checklist of what you can do to sanitize your next hotel stay.

You’re not the only guest in the room. Who knows what types of germs, cover the many surfaces in a hotel room.

Before making yourselves at home, take an antibacterial wipe or spray soap and wipe the places touched by thousands of fingers. The doorknobs, TV remote, light switches, phone, refrigerator handles, ice bucket, toilet flusher and faucet handles are probably pretty yucky.

Be careful with drinking from reusable glasses,  Who knows what might be going on there.

What’s the first thing we do when we enter a hotel room?

Usually, we plop down on the bed. But how clean is that bedding, really? The bedspread and blankets are likely dirty When I worked as a housekeeper, I don’t remember the bedspreads ever been washed. The sheets, of course.

Clean sheets are normally a given in a room. But the coverlet or comforter and extra blanket in the closet possibly haven’t seen a washing machine. One solution is to strip them from the bed altogether and sleep in the sheets. Bedbugs have become a major epidemic in many hotels. Rather than setting your bags on the floor, elevate them on a table. Or, store them in the bathroom, where bed bugs normally don’t hang out. ( even though I have found them there. )

Don’t leave your clothes on the floor. This decreases your chances of returning home with uninvited friends. Wear slippers or shoes Have you ever wondered how often the floors are shampooed? I have too. I cringe as my bare feet walk over dirty hotel carpeting. The occasional night away in a hotel or inn is always an adventure. If you don’t worry about a little grime or bacteria, you’re lucky. But if you’re like me and want an easier night’s sleep, take a few precautions.


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