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The Battle and How I’m doing it. ( #weightLoss #fitMom )

I was 17 — Size 3 — 135 Pounds

I guess I can start by saying there was a point in my life when I was considered ” skinny” I was about 17 and weighed about 135lbs  was a size 2-3 I didn’t have any kids, and wasn’t married yet. when I turned 18 I had my first Boy, Got married and started to gain weight. I had my other 2 boys right after the other didn’t give my body enough time to heal between pregnancy, but I don’t count that as an excuse at all. I do have friends that went through the same situation and have 5 kids and went right back to their regular weight and sizes. So being over weight for me is no excuses. It is lack of motivation, and not having the control of eating right. I mean the right things and at the right time.
Something everyone that are over weight or wants to loose weight needs to do. First step is start eating at the right time, the right amount, and the right choice of foods. The heaviest  I’ve been was 225 pounds. By this time I couldn’t even look at my self in the mirror with out hatting my self, crying, asking God for help, having hate, and suicidal thoughts. I wanted to die. I hated my self and my body so much I could even have a sexual relationship that I enjoyed with my husband because I would feel so uncomfortable with him. He never judged me, or called me fat, never told me I needed to loose weight, but I would still have those feelings that he didn’t love me anymore or that he would think of someone else while he was with me. Because I was so fat. It’s a horrible situation to be in and very hurtful.

just me
This Picture I was 31 yrs. old –Size 22 — 225 Pounds

In March of 2013 I was diagnose with the blood clotting disorder of Factor II and one of the main reasons was the fact I was overweight. When they told me I was 225 Pounds and that was one of the reasons I almost died, I knew I had to start doing something. After being in the hospital for about 12 days I came home decided to follow along all the things I knew about diet, but I couldn’t follow the exercise anymore. Right there and then I knew I was going to face a big battle. I could no longer go to the gym because of pain, and I had to wait for my DVT and my PE to completely heal. I could no longer eat any greens and a lot of other stuff I can no longer eat because of my clotting disorder. I became discourage.
Thank God I decided to get right back on track. All of a sudden I started to drop weight out of no where, so I started to help my self and cut down my intake, started to drink more water, stopped drinking soda all together , no Diet, No zero , no soda at all. Started drinking my protein shake from 2x a day some days I only do it 1x its delicious and I add fresh fruits to it.

I make mine with
1 scoop of protein shake, 1 cup of silk vanilla almond milk, 3 strawberries

It’s the best. Makes me full for 4 hours.  If you visit the website they have other stuff there like the detox tea, fruit bars… etc. I only like the shake, plus it’s the only thing I’m aloud to have according to my blood disorder even though it’s all vegan and natural.
My results so far have been pretty good…. I don’t go to the gym. All I do is try my best to eat small portions of all the things I like to eat. I don’t cut anything from my diet besides Soda.

because I believe if I do I will end up eating it later in time and gaining the weight all back. So, I’m losing weight very slowly but healthy and I’m not starving myself. 🙂 Bottom photo is most recent from March 13, 2015, still need to lose 50 pounds
Anyone out there doing any diet? workout? That’s working? Care to share?
I would Love to know what you guys are doing 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Battle and How I’m doing it. ( #weightLoss #fitMom )

  1. Hi, I found your blog while doing a google search for something else. I read your “about me” page and saw some of of your diaries, and thought I’d like to at least encourage you on your battle! Do lose faith, you’ll make it! The best – and fastest – way is by eating right and doing sports. I’m not sure about your physical condition when you said you couldn’t do sports. But I assume you can still walk, right? If so, then walk whenever you can, and walk faster if you can. If you can’t run, walking fast is a very good way to burn fat. My younger sister used to have a very bad habit of living, then there’s a congenital condition in our family, she got a cerebral attack at the age of 30 and lost some capacity on her left side. Thanks to God, she regained her capacity, and changed completely her life style. She’s a designer/artist, so basically she stays at home all the time. But she runs in place at least a half hour per day, and do a lot of exercises, and she eats right. BTW, we’re Chinese so we have a healthier diet, we eat a lot of veggies and fruits, and seafoods. Now she lost all the excessive weight and is thinner than I am (I used to be the thinnest in our family 😦 ). Her case also encouraged me to work out and lose the weight I put on after getting married. Now I go to gym regularly with my husband, and we do a lot of hiking in summertime.
    Though your salad doesn’t look very appealing to me 😉 I still encourage you to keep going, and be optimistic, you’ll make it! And, walk, walk fast, whenever you can! 🙂
    May God bless all your family!

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