{ The Truth } my experience


So, you all know I’ve been sick for a little while now. In and out of the hospital and with doctor’s appointments almost daily. Yes, it all sucks, and I get very stressed by it all. I wanted to share a little about my experience at this hospital I always go to. And yes, I know most of you (or all of you) will ask me why do I keep going back to the same hospital?

Well, it’s not that I don’t like the hospital.
Compared to all the other hospitals around it looks very good, and well maintained. Yes, I’ve been to the other ones.

This place has all my records since I was a teen. Well, if they keep their record that long they should have it. This is one main reason I come back here all the time to keep all the files in one place I believe to be important.

They keep the hospital very clean, the cleaning crew is constantly around sweeping and picking up trash, making sure everything is clean and well taken care of. My point of view is another important thing. The Hygiene of the place needs to be kept at a good standard always. Unless you want the patients getting sicker instead of better.

When I went to South Shore Hospital the outside, main entrance, and all the other floors looked awesome, but the ER room was disturbing to even look at. They had no private rooms all the rooms were just divided by curtains, there were numerous people just hanging in the hallways and being treated right there it wasn’t nice at all.

Brockton Hospital took me in fast and treaded me fast, I had no wait at all, and the nurses were nice. The doctor was an Ass and didn’t even care to listen to me. The room they put me in was a supply room filled with junk and not the right room to have a patient in. I wasn’t happy.


Good Samaritan Medical Center 

is the place where it all starts, we had many experiences here.

My Husband had surgery here back in 2006 -2008 not sure when and everything was fine he was sent home. A couple of weeks later he came back to the hospital with internal bleeding because of the surgery. I guess something was wrong and he started to bleed. he was hospitalized again for 7 days. They didn’t do anything besides keep him on antibiotics and monitor him, but the bleeding did stop, and he was good after that.

I came to the ER back in March of 2013 with pain in my right calf. I waited for about 4 hours to be seen. After waiting for all those hours, I was told by the nurse I didn’t need to see a doctor because I was young and strong and all I had was a pinched nerve on my back.
Because I love to read and be very informed at all times, I had already read all about my pain and what it could be, and what test should be done to find out what it was. So, I told her very patiently that I wanted an ultrasound of my legs and she argued with me that I didn’t need one.
At this point I was very angry and told her, I had all rights to get one. I demanded one and she finally asked the ultrasound people to come.  This nurse then disappeared I didn’t see that nurse again for the rest of the time I was there.

When the ultrasound tech got to my ER room, they asked why I demanded an ultrasound I said because I educated myself and all the symptoms were pointing to a Blood Clot and not a pinched nerve. So, they did the Ultrasound, and Bam. There it was I had a DVT (deep vein thrombosis) behind my knees. If I had listened to that nurse, I could have died that night. Thank God I didn’t. I was admitted immediately. That same day I found out I was a factor 2 carrier. The doctor that took care of me when I was admitted she was the worst doctor ever, she was so rude. 2 days after being treated for a DVT she sent me home, and even though I complained I couldn’t breathe and had chest pain she didn’t even care to check if I had a pulmonary embolism.

When I left the hospital and got home, I was back the next day because I almost died of a PE (Pulmonary Embolism) Thanks to the lovely doctor that discharged me before I was ready to go home. Besides the ER wait, the nurse at the ER and the Rude Doctor that took care of me. Everything else was great, the people, the food, the beds, the cleanliness, everything. With this experience, I was scared to ever come back to Good Samaritan Medical Center ever again. I always do though because if you compare all the hospitals around Good Sam is still the best one. Plus, they have all my records. So, this year once again I needed to visit the ER and be hospitalized. My experience was much different. Still had the bad times but I also had my good times. 🙂

I was sent to the Hospital by my doctor. My PCP. She had requested me to be admitted. I sat at the ER from 7pm till 7am the next day waiting all that time, they finally called me in and when they did the doctor comes in and tells me there’s nothing, he can do for me, and he was sending me home. LOL a joke, right?

I called my PCP right away and I said either you fight this one or I will, and things will not be pretty. So, he did, and I was admitted…..I came up to the Floor, the 1st doctor that saw me didn’t give too much attention to me and didn’t care much about my problems. The nurses were very nice. Late that night my roommate decided she wanted to kill me and said she was going to throw things at me, and she didn’t want to see or hear me. Hahahahah

So, the nurses had to move me immediately to a different room. The next morning, I had the best doctor his name is Dr. Spiegel what a nice Guy. Talked to me like I was a human I liked that. Even though he said there is nothing more he can do for me, and they are sending me home. He still said it and explained it so nicely that it made me understand it. It was calmed instead of freaking me out and making me nervous. The nurses I had on this side are just amazing as well, Heather the pregnant lady is such a sweetheart, Steph is great too, Ashley the girl they made her sit in my room with me, nice person to talk to I actually never talked to anyone that much kind of cool. I liked her from the start.  And all the other ones 🙂 I just wish I didn’t have to go home without a cure to my situation other than that I’m ok with this visit 🙂

Oh not to mention the Portuguese bread it’s so delicious yummy 🙂


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