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What every #women needs

I love to read 🙂 and as I was exploring around, and doing some reading, I learned some cool tricks that I will defiantly be using. These are just a few things every woman should know. I personally think… We all need some; ” Sleep, Stress Relief, Energy buster, and something that helps with cold sores? Uhh, I Love it. I don’t get them, but my husband does, and I never knew a simple home recipe would help him out.  I’m glad I came across these tips. Of course, I didn’t come up with them like I said I was exploring around, online, magazines, etc. and that’s where I learned about it. So, credit to whoever was the genius 🙂

Erases Stress — A whiff of vanilla
The back-to-the-grind feeling that comes with summer’s end can trigger an uptick in the production of cortisol, the stress hormone that fosters chronic anxiety if left unchecked. Vanilla to the rescue! The aroma stimulates the production of alpha brain waves—electrical impulses that produce a happier mood. When you feel your tension increasing, simply take six (6) slow, deep sniffs of vanilla essential oil.


Heals Cold Sores — A Honey Salve
If you get one of these sores, try dabbing it with unpasteurized honey four (4) times daily this will help it heal 43% faster—plus cut risk of infection or scarring by threefold.


Deepens Sleep — Lettuce Tea
Summer sleep problems can rag into fall since it takes up to 5 weeks after the hot weather ends for the brain to start producing adequate amounts of sleep – inducing melatonin. Sipping 6oz of romaine-lettuce tea every evening can help. The leaves contain lactucarium, a natural sedative and muscle relaxant that can help you drift off within 30 minutes of your first sip, according to a study in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology. To make the brew, chop 2 whole romaine leaves and let simmer in 1 cup of water for 20 minutes.

Fall’s shorter days and erratic weather fluxes confuse the central nervous system, sabotaging its ability to produce energizing dopamine, say UCLA doctors. To chance away fatigue, massage the insteps of your feet with a dab of cooking oil for 2 minutes. This stimulates acupressure points that signal the brain to increase dopamine output.

Now with all these information who knew that these simple things that we all have around our kitchen could be so useful. Hope you all can use some of these and feel more relaxed I sure need it. How about you???


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