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This is My #fight


1 year and 6 months

Wow it seems like forever that I’ve been out of work and at home suffering, and it’s only been one year and 6 months.
The pain and agony of having a #clot , dealing with it, #surviving it, and moving on beyond it, is not just for anyone.
I’ll tell you something when I first found out I had a DVT (deep venous thrombosis) I was in such a deep pain and when I saw doctors and they told me it would only take about 6 months for me to heal from it I thought ” Hey not too bad. “

Was I wrong and I guess so was all the doctors I saw, because its ben past the 6 months and I’m still in a lot of pain.
Not only on my right let (that’s where I had the DVT) but also chest pain and shortness of breath due to the pulmonary embolism that I also had at the same time. The fact my life depends on taking pills (Coumadin) for Life sucks. The reason I can’t eat a salad. 😦
The reason today if I walk more than 5 minutes I have to stop and rest because I’m in too much pain. My Leg hurts so much it’s unbelievable. I get angry, I cry, I feel depressed. It’s a horrible feeling. I was so scared of eating anything that was rich in vitamin K I stayed away from it all. Till the day I read a person post that she eats a bowl of greens every day and she had the medicine adjust to that and not the other way around.

Meaning not herself adjusting to the meds.

I thought that was so interesting, I thought to myself should I try to do that? Maybe I can add a bow of salad to my daily diet and see
how that goes for a week or two and maybe I’ll even lose some weight since I have to shred some pounds anyways.
Well, I guess not everything works for everyone and some people have their illness a little more elevated than others.

I had 2 (two) bowls of salads and my normal INR count is to be between 2-3 it dropped to a VERY dangerous 1.0 and I got put on
Lovenox which I had to inject myself with a needle on my belly 2x a day plus my coumadin dose when from 10mg to 20mg and the doctor was not happy with me LOL. It took her effort plus mine of injection and medication for 3 weeks straight to get my levels up again to a 2.0 and I was in a danger zone of developing a new clot.

I have a blood disorder called Factor II (20210) that causes me to have a higher risk than a normal person to develop a clot so it’s
very important for my levels to always be between 2-3. Plus being obese and sedentary doesn’t help. 😦

Now what is a person to do? you can’t eat a bowl of salad? or any greens. Can’t exercise due to pain, but need to lose weight?
I’m lost out of ideas… I tried not eating, that doesn’t work :-/
I need to come out with a plan. I don’t know what to do. If you have any idea and care to share, please do. Thanks 🙂


For some of you that don’t know I’m 35 years old, had 3 children and never had any problem with my pregnancies but I had a clot on my right leg back in March of 2013 and a pulmonary embolism.
I was also diagnosed at the same time with a blood disorder called Factor II. My mother is also a carrier of factor II and my father had the same problem, I only found out after I got the clot (my father has been deceased for 23 years) as I looked a little deeper into our family history, I found out my older stepsister also has the same. I was told by my doctor to have my kids checked even though they are boys for precaution, the highest risks are for women due to pregnancy, but males can have some severe problems as well like my father did. I did have my boys checked and they are all positive.  Besides that, I have what they want to call Fibromyalgia, Achalasia and 2 small meningioma in my brains that causes severe Migraines that drives me crazy. Can you relate in anyway? or have any advice? Please comment. 🙂 Thanks, and God Bless!!!


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