{ Just Keep Breathing }

The 1st Time I heard this song I was facing a though battle in my life, a battle I don’t wish upon my worst enemy. As I listened to this song, I cried, many nights. I was in such a bad shape all I wanted to do is disappear. I wanted to scream for helpContinue reading “{ Just Keep Breathing }”

Passion {Wordless}

This reminds me of a feeling of being discourage, sad, in the dark, cold, but the rose it self reminds me there is hope, love, and with faith things will be better .. πŸ™‚ The winter in New England is horrible, we are getting hit very bad with snowstorms one after the other there isContinue reading “Passion {Wordless}”

{ Wordless } Wednesday #Blogger

Β He will be 17 on Friday, Got his first Car and is ready to drive and MOM is so scared oh boy.. This is not what I had in mind when I started having kids LOL… Love my boys to death ❀ πŸ™‚Β  This is his car gift from Grandma πŸ™‚Β  The most precious giftContinue reading “{ Wordless } Wednesday #Blogger”

This is My #fight

1 year and 6 months Wow it seems like forever that I’ve been out of work and at home suffering, and it’s only been one year and 6 months. The pain and agony of having a #clot , dealing with it, #surviving it, and moving on beyond it, is not just for anyone. I’ll tellContinue reading “This is My #fight”