It’s No Surprise

It’s No Surprise to God One of the strongest and most persistent fears people experience is the fear that they won’t have what they need. We want to feel safe in every area of life. But we’re constantly attacked with the fear that we won’t have what we need—whether it’s finances, relationships, or the abilityContinue reading “It’s No Surprise”

One Good Choice After Another 

One Good Choice After Another Are you enjoying the life and blessings of God in your everyday life? Or have you made a series of choices resulting in disappointment, pain, or feeling that everything you do requires great effort and produces little reward? Don’t spend your time and energy mourning all the bad decisions youContinue reading “One Good Choice After Another “

Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Financial Life #BudgetWithElly

By improving our financial lives, we also increased our happiness, in general. For this reason, I find important to share some tips and tricks that really works (at least for me). I’m almost in the best moment of my financial life. because of the steps of Dave Ramsey. Also because we know how to handleContinue reading “Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Financial Life #BudgetWithElly”

4 things I wanted to know when my children were small #parenting

All parents make mistakes and they try to fix it. This doesn’t mean they are less of a parent. What most of them feel is regret about something they did or did not do and it’s too late to turn back. Don’t suffer because of it. If you look back at your life, you willContinue reading “4 things I wanted to know when my children were small #parenting”

7 ideas to learn how to #BudgetWithElly

As the family grows,  your cost will increase, and you will always seems to have something new that will come up. It’s easy to lose track. Here are some tips on how to save money for a greatter achievements in life: the house, the car, the trip, a special gift, a smooth retirement … 1.Continue reading “7 ideas to learn how to #BudgetWithElly”

Coupon Thursday #BudgetWithElly

     Coupons Save Money on Must-Have Items It’s not like I could stop buying toilet paper, so I might as well save money on it. Coupons Help You Try New Products Coupon+sale=a chance to try something new without spending a lot of money. Some Coupons Get You Free Goods! I’ve received free toothpaste etc, byContinue reading “Coupon Thursday #BudgetWithElly”