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? What Niche ?


I’ve been blogging here and there for about 10 years. I had a cute full of followers blog and twitter account. Because of family issues and harassment from someone that Obviously had no life, I gave up on my old blog and my twitter account @EllyFilho

I regret so deeply about doing that 😦 I started all over with a new blog account and a new twitter account I had no idea it would be this hard to start over if I knew what I know now I would have never done it. So for all of those years I hear people say ” Whats Your Niche?” and I say ?What Niche? I don’t have one – I still don’t have one LOL

I’ve looked everywhere, studied all the gossip about it and I can’t figure out what to say about my Niche. So just this morning as I was preparing my list of what to post every day I realized my blog is about everything you can think of LOL.

  • I talk about and do Reviews.
  • I’m very frugal so I post about Budget
  • I’m a photographer and L.o.v.e. what I do as a photographer so I post photos.
  • Being frugal requires dealing with coupons so I post deals, coupons, fashion
  • Since I became sick with a blood clot, fibromyalgia, migraines, etc. I like to inform people about health issues so I post Healthy stuff, whether it’s a recipe or an article.
  • Since my family is my primary focus, I post about family, fun things to do, and what we did as a family.
  • Because I’m Christian, a pastor’s wife, we go to church 3x a week, I love to read and study so I post devotion. I believe sharing what God gave me ( wisdom ) is a pleasure.
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So again I ask what’s my niche? I figured it would be called ” World vs Life ”

Everything in this, would you have to learn and deal with it in real life.  Let me tell you it’s the worst task ever.

Sharing what you know, do and make is amazing, I have a true respect for anyone who does that.

If something is working out for me, why not share with the rest of you all …

Don’t you agree? How did you find your niche? and what is it? please share 🙂

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