Fascinating Shoes Under $40


I had to go see my mother on an emergency bases and ended up being gifted with three pairs of shoes that I’m in love with. 
It’s still so cold here in MA so I asked for a pair of tan boots since I don’t have one because mine was too old. I got these for less than $25  the actual cost was  $24.50  it’s from #TopModa I don’t really care about brands as long as what I have on is comfortable, fits good, and looks as cute as these boots do. Don’t you think they are cute? I think they are adorable. 

I also got these two sandals for $7.00 each. I was in shock. These are super cute. I love the style, the color, how they fit, and how comfortable they are on my feet. 
Every time I have to buy sandals that are these style I always have to get either a size bigger or a 1/2 size bigger because it doesn’t fit good and it’s always too tight and uncomfortable. I got one similar to the black one at Kohl’s before for $36 and I had to get a size 8 1/2 when my size is 7 1/2 because it would fit right. These TOPMODA fits awesome.
Now the store I got them at only God knows LOL. I can’t remember the name. 😦  But you can find them on they have them there for a good price as well. 🙂 
Sorry, all I know is that it’s in St. Petersburg Florida and they have a huge selection of shoes for a very affordable price. 🙂

That’s why I love the sunshine state and I wish I lived there.
My dream one day will come true, not only because I can buy shoes, but because I know I would have a better life. 

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