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What do you think? Help me Decide.

I have an important event coming up on the 21st. I have to get a dress and it’s very hard to find a dress my size that’s a perfect fit. Meaning one that won’t make me look too big, or uncomfortable. I don’t really like dresses that are sleeveless but for the price I’m finding them I really don’t care at this point. Some peoples opinions are that I need to match the party. Oh by the way the event is my husbands 39th Birthday. His party will be all decorated in black, gray, and yellow. I don’t think I need to wear the colors of the party I think that’s kinda stupid lol.  The dresses I found for a great price by the way are green and red lol. I really like the dresses. I need help can anyone please comment on this and give me your advice. 🙂 It’s really appreciated Thank You.  🙂 

2 thoughts on “What do you think? Help me Decide.

  1. To be honest I like the red. I also think the red would stand out and at the same time compliment the event decor. And the style of it is grown and sexy but not matronly.

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    1. Thank You 🙂 I ended up getting a Black totally different LOL These 2 dresses made me look 2 big I had to go up 3 sizes and I was very uncomfortable doing that 😦


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